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Thank you ! Yhea I love this game and her book is nice too !


Thank youuu it means a lot from you !

Yheaaay ! <3

This is funny ! You are quite invicible when you are at the side and spamming the shield ! I really like the mood !

Hey thank you ! The settings are not working yet (exept volume), I will update it to make it funnier and change the point system (which not make sence for now). I should do a tutorial to understand the ship systems too xD

Yheaa thank you !

(2 edits) Hey ! I gave my game link but you haven't seen it, so here ! Sorry if I miss

understood where to post it.

Thank you for your respond ! This is sweet !

(3 edits)

I had a last minute unity crash and I tried to upload 1 second too late.
Is it possible to be in the jam or is it too late ? 

The game  :

oooooww nice !

Vraiment très beau, je ne l'ai pas finit encore mais j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance !

(1 edit)

It's like old point and click you can look/interact/point at elements and you have to finish the game by interacting with the good item and the good "object"  it may not be clear when you don't play to point&clicks.
Yes sorry for the webgl build, fmod is blocking our webgl build, I will try to 

do another version later.

Oh okay ! The right click was what I missed ! That's nice concept I realy like it ! It work well even if finding prog is difficult and the pause is needed very often. Great prototype !

That's super weird and nice at the same time. Sorry I didn't understand what to do after de black wall but I like the mecanic.

The protoype is cool, I like trains ! Hope to see more one day !

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Sorry I don't understand what to do, I can't do anything, even with the quick help. Can you help me ?

I have nothing in the prog pannel.

I have an issue, going to the settings make things really blury and zoomed and I don't understand why xD But it's nice to dialogues with cubes you push xD

I really like the glith idea ! It would be a great speedrun game with more !

That's nice ! I like the little puzzle/action challenge , it's a bit like portal, you move around to seek object and active them but here you have to be cautious. And yes, less button the better, a/e could be just one action. Good prototype ! 

The player controller is really good. I like the construct block but it is a bit repetitive to always need to round trip to seek new blocks. The jiucyness of enemy dying and camera is cool. You could do a little faster gameplay (by level design) and it would be great !

It is nice, I like the map swap ! The visual is totaly adapt for this kind of game. The only thing I don't like is the forward move but its kind of the challenge so I don't know.

 Thank you  xD I like the meme about our meme game xD

Yes I know but at 500 restart I just gave up sorry :'o

Thank you !

0.95s ! It is funny and I like the menu. 

Its nice to have 3 mini gameplay, and the feeling on the character controller is really good. It would be cool to have a bit more gameplay but it's cool.

The gameplay is very original ! Well done ! It need a bit of polish, nice interact sounds, work on the camera/anim but it's nice !

It's nice ! I like the gameplay and the jiucy visuals. Our "pixel" is visualy enjoyable !

Difficulty is just nicely calibrate, gg !

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This is SO HARD xD You should lower the difficulty  cause when you spawn you are already attack and can't do anything :'o

Plateforms are a bit too tiny too, it's hard to keep standing on it with your speed.

I like the cave esthetic.

(1 edit)

This was fun to play, with more objects/room and a multiplayer this would be sooo Nice !

The gameplay is cool ! The concept work well and the difficulty is well calibrate, GG !

Gravity and jump force is too low, it could be fun but you need to recalibrate.

That's cute, not very difficult but not totaly easy so nice the gameplay is fair. Hope to see more !

Thank you ! <3

Waw it's really nice little swipe game, smooth and polished. Well done !

The gravity is smooth, well done. I m kind of  disturb by the change of the jump/crouch but it's maybe just me.

The gameplay is intereesting, a golf with your friends or a what the golf but for pool table. Nice.

A bit too hard on level 5 or 6 where you can't pickup the brick and only have 2 shots.

I LOVE your level selector, it's just so smooth and enjoyable.

It's really nice ! Well done the moving art and the simple gameplay, the dialogues. Cool !