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I’ll bet money the name kinda played into this lol

Adorable, simple, fun and genocidal(poor deer), I love it! Easily one of the most put together games/fullest packages of the whole jam. Good stuff! At first I was a little infuriated by the limit of needing 3 blocks of space to flip something, but I really appreciated  it once it played into a puzzle. More of that would be something I'd appreciate any further levels.

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Part of me really wants to believe the shaders in this were created in the 48 hours, but the other part is really hoping you found them online because I need to study them, lol.

Considering this is what your team pulled off in 48 hours, I think you definitely need to continue this project, I expect amazing things from it.

If you get the chance, please check out our project!

I would have hoped to see more mechanics at work here to give the game a little more variation and difficulty, but I will say you did a fantastic job of fitting the theme. 36 moves!

This was so clever, really the perfect game for this jam. I only wish there were more enemy types with more health in the end. I've really nothing negative to say, good job man.

I think I'm predisposed to enjoy this game for some reason... which I was doing until I fell through the floor lol. As a small project in two days, you did a great job! I loved having to figure out how to retrieve my boomerang after a poorly thought out throw.

The gameplay feels a little bare bones and all over the place, but the idea is flat out hilarious. Perfectly fits the theme and incredibly original.

Feels as if the theme is a bit weak here, but the fact you put this together in 48 hours in and of itself is one hell of an achievement. Really amazing game, probably my favorite so far in pure gameplay.

To rate my own game, I'm really proud of what we pulled off in 48 hours, but it's real rough around the edges in game play.  There will be a newer, better build posted after the review period. While this type of game and aesthetic might be a little played out, I think the design is really interesting and artists did a flat out amazing job. 

I think the adherence to the theme is a slight stretch, but the amount of polish you pulled off and the unique design of it really puts this as one of the best games in the jam for me, this definitely deserves more eyes on.