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oh, thank you! i looked at the game tags a few days ago and noticed i threw on a bunch of random accessibility related tags and was worried i'd be misleading. i think next time i make a game in this style i'll give the option to tweak the color palette.

thanks for playing :D

i go to bed and you just release celeste 2 like that huh

the audience was very polite :)

okay he may be a psychopath but he's also incredibly hot

this resurrected my childhood and i thank you and the people who worked on this greatly

this is really sick! keep it up :D

this is pretty :O

thanks for playing! I didn't really have a reference when making the character controller, so this is my first time trying something like it.

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I'll have to look into it later. Thanks for letting me know!

Edit: You'll need to go into your system preferences, then to privacy and safety, then click "run anyways" when you see "LD46" pop up. 

this is such a cool concept! it's done pretty well, though if the camera were always zoomed out I think it'd be a bit easier to play. 

seriously though, nice work!


this was so good! also it was made in godot!

i liked this a lot! 

thank you! !  ! !  !

nervously hovers hand over ban button

are you ok?


This was a nice game! 

Some thoughts:

  • The fire rate in the beginning was a bit slow, which made combat a bit jarring. I think if the fire rate started at 0.3 seconds, it'd be better.
  • The reflect ability detects bullets too late most of the time. If the shield reflected the moment the button was pressed, reflecting would feel way more responsive.
  • I really liked the overall aesthetic of the game! The pixel art is nice, and the fact that you utilized the Gameboy palette so well is impressive. 
  • The enemy variety was also pretty nice! I have no idea how to make bullet patterns, so seeing someone pull it off in Godot is mind-boggling for some reason.

Overall, it was pretty fun, even with its issues. Good work :D

just wanted to stop by and say this looks beautiful :)

thank you!!!!!!!!!

does adding extra exclamation marks make the "thank you" unique?

I do not like chess.

I really like this game.

Thanks for making it!

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tha nk

"Cringy meme dialogue written by a 14 year old almost a decade ago"

Well I'm sold.

Which level did this happen?

ₜₕₐₙₖ ᵧₒᵤ !

Hey, a Godot fan! Thanks for playing!

I'm trying to say something other than "Thank You", but don't know what...


This was really nice to read! 

I probably should’ve put the checkpoints in safer spots, yeah. I actually found quite a few “unlucky scenarios” and had to fix those, but I guess I didn’t catch all of them.

As for the second critique, I considered a reset button, but I decided against it. Not sure why.

Thank you for playing :D

aw thanks! :D

I'm so confused why are so many people making videos of my game what-

I’m honestly really happy with the feedback! I never thought someone would put my little game up there with Celeste of all things.

Seriously, thank you :D

I forgot lanterns were objects. Now that I think about it, those would've been perfect

I was going to make graves checkpoints, but I thought making them collectable/objectives would be better. Might consider something like this for the future.

Thank you for playing!!!

Thank you for the feedback!

If I'm honest, yeah killing yourself for the final flower was a bit off, and I wish I could've changed it, but I honestly don't know what else I could've done to make it better.

I personally think they could be smoother, honestly, but I'm glad someone thinks they're good!

Thank you for checking it out!

The attack animation looks better now imo, so good job :D

Hey, this looks pretty neat! I think the player's walk cycle is a bit calm, though, considering you're in the middle of a boss. Will there be some kind of run? I know that dashing transitions into a sprint, but the normal walk feels a bit off. That's just my opinion, though. I don't do 3D anything.

Nice idea! I think that the "Hold to jump Higher" ability is a bit janky, though. It ends too suddenly when you let go of jump. Some other lights around the first few areas would also be nice.

Good job :D

Originally, I thought this was kind of an overused concept throughout the jam (one bullet), but the light stealth mechanics are a nice way of adding tension. Good work!