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Nice game! It would be a little better with a hold-to-jump higher mechanic, but I didn't know how to do that until recentley, so it's fine!

This would be really nice to have open-source. Do you think you could post it on GitHub or something? Thanks!

EDIT: Oh, there is a hold to jump mechanic!


Nice! I feel like the camera's drag margin could've been closer to the player. Do you have any source code?

Aww, I love hollow knight!

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This game looks realy cute! I think it could've been a little bit more fast-paced, or maybe that's just me. Good job!

Edit: do you think you could include the link to the Ludum Dare page so I can rate it? Thanks!

Thanks for the links!

Frustration at its finest!

This little game is fun, and I think I'll try using TIC-80. Thanks for making it!

Hey, thanks for playing!

I really tried to get the player to move around the level with the level design, but I guess that didn't work very well.

One of my other friends commented on the death animation too, so I've kept that in mind.

Again, thanks for playing!

Wow I'm bad at this game ;-;

Hey, do you think this could be open-source?


One more thing; It'd be cool if this were open-source. Any plans?

Hey, this was pretty fun! One suggestion for later is that the camera swerves pretty quickly, so maybe slow that down a bit.

I'm really bad at this game 

Good job! :D

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Hey, fuzzmonkeys, thanks for downloading!

And by the way, 35... though I guess that's understandable.

Hey, thanks! The trail was made with a Line2D node in Godot, though that may not have been the best way to go about this.

Hey, this was fun! I like the gameplay, and the music was nice! 

Hey, someone other than me that uses Godot! :D

This game was pretty fun. Good job!

Oh, that's a shame. Least I know now.

I think the jam was supposed to occour today, but new the timer says tomorrow?

Hey, neat game! Can't wait for the full realease!

What the hell did I just play...?


I like the concept!