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A topic by gamebalance created Dec 25, 2019 Views: 383 Replies: 2
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Very cool delay. Maybe a bit too heavy on CPU.

I don't know what is drift but I liked it.

LFO is cool making it possible to use as chorus.

Filter names switched places. Low cut is high cut, high cut is low cut.

I did not like the drive. It produces like clicky peaks. Maybe it's possible to fix drive algorithm that would not produce clicky peaks?


you are correct that the filter labels are switched, i’m surprised no one called me out on that earlier!

you can reduce the clicky peaks by increasing the drive iterations. i’m not super happy with how the drive sounds. when i make cocoa delay 2.0 someday, i’ll change that

 I guess the idea was to have something like transistor emulation overdrive. It probably would be cool if not those clicks. At least it doesn't sounds like just a clipper.