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Glad you like!

Yeah. It kinda works when there is like a fan base. Maybe with time we will find the way to have this option working.

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I would like to know, how to have normal performance in Unity when there are a lot of objects on the screen. Why it makes Unity eat so much resources?

I have a tile based 2d puzzle game. The more bricks/blocks there are on the level the much slower game gets. So I wonder where/what to search to find out how to solve this problem? I saw some HTML5 examples with thousands of objects moving on screen without problem. 

I am not a coder. I ask this for the coder I work together on our game.

I think also how it was promoted to public before release. If there was a promo before the release, which collected a public who are ready to donate. Our game had no such promotion.

So no iOS?

Also examples look not attractive. If you want attention, then need something pretty and impressive.

Thanks for letting me know!

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Our game is a logic puzzle. Player moves the box between various blocks. But people usually call those blocks mechanics. So there are a lot of mechanics in our game. Levels can have different types of missions. The story told through dialogues between characters.

There is level editor where people can create own levels. The levels can be submitted to share with other players.

Music in the game is also original and written for the game.

The game can be played on PC, Linux, Android, iOS.



We have a game and it's basically free. But we left donation option. But when I shared it with some people they were confused and told me the game is not free. Then I explained them that it is optional and can be skipped.

Can someone share thoughts on this? If our game is supposed to be free then we better to turn off the donation option?

Also if the game is set free, without donation option, will it appear in the search the same as when it has donation enabled?