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A topic by Michael Kissner created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 1,273 Replies: 19
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Hello there!

Since November 2014 I've been working on a little Game called Spellwrath.

Short Summary

In Spellwrath, the player takes command of an army consisting of knights and their loyal companions, to battle for control of the world of Eyja. Between fighting enemies in turn-based combat and leveling units, the player will be constructing castles, forging mighty weapons, journeying on heroic quests and organizing champions!

You can also follow the progress on Twitter @Spellwrath where I post updates of the Game in "real-time".

Some Screenshots / Videos

The Following is an early look at the turn-based Combat System I am working on at this moment.


Apart from Combat, the Player can actually construct his castle as he pleases. Each Building has it's own function, as expected.


To actually "use" buildings the player can enter them. For example, below we have the Tavern in which the Player can accept Quests. (Ignore the naked people)


On the technical side of things, the Game uses a custom made Engine which does real-time ray-tracing combined with traditional rasterization.


It's still very early to talk about release, but I am aiming for 2018.


The target Platforms are Windows and Linux, with a possibility of a Mac release.


Hrrnngg this is coool. You don't see sprites & voxels combined enough. I like it!

Thanks! :)

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As said above the artwork is cool, but there is waaaaaay too much blur in my opinion. What are the target platforms ? And what is that minimap in the corner of the screenshots ? ;)


Yeah, the blur is indeed to intense :P I turned it up to test if it works and kind of... forgot about it.

I'll add the Platforms to the Post, good point! I'm aiming for Windows and Linux at this time.

The Minimap (made with glorious MSPaint skills for the time being..) shows the entire World/Continent. Each colored "dot" represents a Castle and it's owner. Mainly because the entire World is 32.768 x 32.768 Voxels (roughly 5 Billion Voxels) in size and, thanks to the ray-tracing method i use, the player has "infinite" view distance. I get lost constantly :P


i think the blur looks really cool, actually :P makes the world seem like its made out of actual lego.

Awesome, awesome stuff. The colours are great, the sprites mixed with voxels together with the tilt shift blur gives it that authentic tabletop feel. This is right up my street, great job so far.

Thanks! You might have noticed that I took some inspiration from @SphexArt and your work when creating the buildings :)

Nice :D!

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Woah... haven't updated here in a while.

Well, I've finally gotten around to creating a "functional" website for the Game. It's even got a Mailing list! (mainly because I read on reddit that that might be a good idea).

Also, Ernesto Irawan has finished a couple of Characters for the Game, which I think look awesome!

Concept Art for Spellwrath

As a small update, here is a small technical Arricle on how I created the Soft Shadows in Spellwrath:

It looks cool but I think the different graphical styles could be made a bit more cohesive. It's a bit jarring currently.

It's been a while since posting here! Soooo, here is a new Screenshot Comparison of the old and new Tavern for the Game!

Old and New Tavern

A new big bunch of work has been finished!

As a matter of fact, all Character and NPC portraits are done! :D

Thanks to the hard work by Ernesto Irawan

Character Portraits


A look at the new Monsters for Spellwrath!



Bit by bit, man! That angled view with the pixel art is really cool. Reminds me of some game from long ago...maybe FF7's overworld map? Either way, keep it up! I look forward to it.

Thanks! Funny you would mention the FF7 world map, that was actually my original goal before I switched to the Sprite+Voxel combination :)

Hey, the game looks pretty cool so far. Will you be needing any music for it?

If so, you can check out my portfolio here:

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A new Devblog with some early gameplay footage :D

Aaaand finally got the ray-tracer running at 60 FPS !

Got some tiny animals roaming the country side now!