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Ghost Ranger 199X (WT)

A topic by Veselekov created Dec 02, 2015 Views: 1,214 Replies: 10
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GR (Ghost Ranger199X) uses controls similar to Wolf Fire Games Reciever. Simplified so that combat is fast and fluid. The player controls the shotgun using 2 main buttons.

R = Insert a shell into the shotgun

E = Pump the shotgun

The pump mechanic works like shotguns do in real life however. So mindless mashing E will result in your shells dropping out of your gun in front of you.

Shooting a live shell will also result in it exploding. You can use this to your advantage though. As some types of ammunition are designed to do more damage if shot.

You can roll by pressing SPACE

Rolling also opens doors

Dark areas

Some areas require a torch.


Customizing your camo changes certain stats such as stamina regen and damage reduction. Weapons change your controls too.

The game takes place in the early hours of the morning.

I like the fact that the enemies blend into the background when there is no light, but I find it disappointing that they are completely black when they are lit too. Maybe add some details/colors ?

Also I know nothing about firearms, but is this the right way to hold a shotgun ? It looks weird to me, but I am certainly used to the completely unrealistic Hollywood movies (Shwarzenegger, I'm talking to you).

Also, what are the target platforms ? :P


Excellent suggestions.

Enemy model is placeholder at the moment. The way the chracter is holding the shotgun can be changed. I think it needs too aswell.

Target playforms at this point is just PC and Mac.

Decorating interiors

Gear Menu

Enemy development

Working on some better ladder climbing animations

Parrallaxing test

Cursor is a laser pointer

Hey the game looks pretty cool. Will you be needing any music for it? If so you can check out my portfolio here