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I had it set to movement recharging your battery but it really didn't incentivise head shots because your battery was constantly refilling anyway

Cursor is a laser pointer

Parrallaxing test

Working on some better ladder climbing animations

Enemy development

Hey Amos

Thought it might be a good idea that devlogs 'refresh' activity based on edits of the main forum post. I feel kind of bad posting updates in the comments to get its activity showing again and it sort of gets a bit spammy the more updates you post this way. I know this would easily be exploitable for people to just refresh their games by making 1 character edits. But perhaps that could be a banable offence or something. Or perhaps itch only checks for new edits once a day and if a new edit is made it refreshes or something.


Always wondered if PAX AU was any good. Seems like a fun place to be.

Separate movieclips. Player character is several movieclips on several frames

Same. I had a look at starling but it really doesn't allow you to just make games ay.

Are you using stage3D?

Good idea.

Gear Menu

Ayyyyy Flash and Air represent

Decorating interiors

Awesome stuff

No prob. Can't wait to see this game grow

Excellent suggestions.

Enemy model is placeholder at the moment. The way the chracter is holding the shotgun can be changed. I think it needs too aswell.

Target playforms at this point is just PC and Mac.

Cool stuff. Might be an idea to add more treasure into the background as you collect more.

The game takes place in the early hours of the morning.

Awesome stuff :)

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Procedural generated dust particles by Veselekov

This is a tutorial on how to make low CPU usage dust for your 2D game. This tutorial is written for AS3/Java styles formatting. however the principles behind it can be applied to any game engine.


STEP 1 - Creating the image

First step was to create a small smoke texture. I used one of photo shops default brushes and clicked a few times to create the following.

STEP 2 - Blurring the image in your engine

Apply a 10px by 10px blur filter in your engine. I did this in ActionScript 3 by doing the following this on my Dust Class.


var blur:BlurFilter = new BlurFilter();

blur.blurX = 10;

blur.blurY = 10;

blur.quality = BitmapFilterQuality.MEDIUM;

this.filters = [blur];

STEP 3 - Randomizing the display properties

Randomizing width, height and rotation.

I used the following values to to create consistent dust.

Height between 50 and 150

Width between 50 and 150

Rotation between 0 and 360


this.width = randomSize(50, 150);

this.height = randomSize(50, 150);

rotation = randomSize(0,360);

function randomSize(mini:Number, maxi:Number){

return (Math.floor(Math.random() * (maxi - mini + 1)) + mini);


STEP 4 - Alpha, Tweening and decaying

I started by making the dust at 40% opacity and then moved on to tweening

Tweening really depends on your engine. However some tools such as TweenLite exist which are written the same way regardless of which version your choose. However regardless of how you achieve this here are a few things which you want to achieve.

Make the dust move on the x axis between 6px and 15px (this can be done using random generation)

Make the dust move on the y axis between 5px and 7px (this can be done using random generation)

Increase the width and height by 1/2 the current width and height.

Decrease the alpha channel to 0 (invisible).

Here is how I made my dust trail decay over time using TweenLite, 2,{x:randomSize(this.x+6,this.x+15), y:randomSize(this.y+5,this.y+7),width:this.width*0.5,height: this.height*0.5, alpha:0, onComplete:deleteMe})

Once you've completed your tween collect the garbage by any means necessary. This stops your dust from tanking low end CPU's

It should look a little something like this when you are done.

You can change the way the dust decays by changing the width and height decay. For example. Here I made the dust shrink rather than grow. Creating a sort of worm look.

Here I increase the growth rate of decay by x2 rather than x0.5

Finally I added it into my game

Not bad for a couple of clicks in Photoshop.

I like it :)

Only thing I can think of which might be an idea to add is that because its a speedrunner type game. Maybe make the maps a bit more dynamic in how you could potentially achieve the goal. At the moment (from the greenlight trailer) it kinda seems a bit linear which isn't really good for speedruns because the time it takes doesn't alter that much.

But hey I really like the overall over the top aesthetic :)

Cool stuff man. I am liking the whole Doom + Tribes vibe I get from it. Really smart design style too as I am gonna assume it runs real good based on low poly art style

Hey this is cool. I can see this saving a lot of time in Level Building.

I am making a game called Ghost Ranger. It is sort of like if Receiver was a 2D side scroller.

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I'm Veselekov. You can call me Ves or V if the former is too hard. I live in Australia. But I was born in New Zealand.

I used to make animated YouTube videos. But I didn't like the general negativity around the general politics which came with it. So about 2 years ago I started coding and haven't looked back since. I am working on my first game Ghost Ranger 199X.

If you wanna contact me contact me on twitter here! My DMs are always OPEN!

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GR (Ghost Ranger199X) uses controls similar to Wolf Fire Games Reciever. Simplified so that combat is fast and fluid. The player controls the shotgun using 2 main buttons.

R = Insert a shell into the shotgun

E = Pump the shotgun

The pump mechanic works like shotguns do in real life however. So mindless mashing E will result in your shells dropping out of your gun in front of you.

Shooting a live shell will also result in it exploding. You can use this to your advantage though. As some types of ammunition are designed to do more damage if shot.

You can roll by pressing SPACE

Rolling also opens doors

Dark areas

Some areas require a torch.


Customizing your camo changes certain stats such as stamina regen and damage reduction. Weapons change your controls too.