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I like it :)

Only thing I can think of which might be an idea to add is that because its a speedrunner type game. Maybe make the maps a bit more dynamic in how you could potentially achieve the goal. At the moment (from the greenlight trailer) it kinda seems a bit linear which isn't really good for speedruns because the time it takes doesn't alter that much.

But hey I really like the overall over the top aesthetic :)


Most levels have some trick to them and multiple ways to solve them, though some are pure fast platforming fun. ;) The problem is that it's kind of difficult to show it in a trailer and without spoilers. The fun "AHA!" moment happens in your head. My current thinking is having the final trailer actiony and over the top and show a single puzzle, leave lets players to do the gameplay videos (they'll do it better than us) and most importantly have a great demo.

Thanks for the feedback! We do have to work harder to get the right message across.

No prob. Can't wait to see this game grow