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Well.... I guess the only bit of news today is... That the demo is released!!! :)

You're welcome to try the game here right here:

Let us know your comments! ;)

Hi! Not much feedback from that event, just some polish stuff and level balancing. We've been to a couple conferences/shows already so we've corrected a lot of stuff by that point.

I still haven't played the new Doom... Really want to! But someone needs to finish SEUM :P

We had too much fun few weeks ago on Reboot Develop 2016, had a bunch of interesting people try SEUM, among them:

Lessons learned: Lefties support isn't something to implement at the very end - have it ready before you show the game to the public ;) (Hint: you'll know why if you take a closer look at the pics!)

Ok we were really bad in updating this... I hope you like new things from today ;)

We've updated the original post with couple of new screenshots and a brand new announcement trailer. The most exciting thing is that the game *is coming* out this Summer!

A few other things that were changed in the mean time:

  • Change the name to officially be: SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
  • Hand is not in the center anymore - because of gameplay reasons, we'll leave the option to return it to the center for old-old-school gamers ;)
  • Lots of new levels will be 100 in the final build.
  • Updated graphics all around, we now also have multiple new environments.
  • New powerup
  • Secret things I don't want to spoil :P

We should update this thread soon. :P

I guess we have one real bit of news! Last week we signed up with a publisher that's really into the game, milestones are set and we're in the final part of the development.

That's all still really new so I'm not sure at what times we should share new materials, but here is a summary: Graphics got a nice update. Level count is currently at 62. Song count at 6. All in all doing really well. :)

Yeah, I was hoping for more "back to roots" in the new Doom. At least they are going in a better direction now.

You are welcome to join the list for the beta at ;)

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We added a destructible block... First thing you do is of course to duplicate it a bunch of times ;)

Thanks! I love Metalocalypse too, we'll have to put some sick references in the game :)

Most levels have some trick to them and multiple ways to solve them, though some are pure fast platforming fun. ;) The problem is that it's kind of difficult to show it in a trailer and without spoilers. The fun "AHA!" moment happens in your head. My current thinking is having the final trailer actiony and over the top and show a single puzzle, leave lets players to do the gameplay videos (they'll do it better than us) and most importantly have a great demo.

Thanks for the feedback! We do have to work harder to get the right message across.

Oh, it's called Seum. I thought it would visible on my profile, didn't want to hijack the thread :P

Well... Let's say there are going to be throwbacks to old games... And as you might have noticed Doom is one of them ;) I keep naming Quake as the original inspiration because I can trace the idea for Seum to when I was playing Quake III Arena.

Price, still working that out. But it will be affordable ;) For now target platform is PC (Windows, OS X, Linux).

Thanks, we're working hard on it!

I had lot's of fun playing Brodding at Infogamer! Well... until I started to lose! :P

Vidimo se!

Thank you! Yes, people do tend to die from time to time in Seum :P We spent a lot of time making sure that getting back into the game is super quick (instant restarts, quick deaths) and we're keeping levels reasonably short - but if that doesn't do we welcome spectators too ;)

I've also seen it around. I think I first saw the sand blog posts. It was a really nice effect. I love when people put that much effort into details. Art style - A+. On the gameplay side it also fits into my interests. So, looking forward to it!

Main character in our game is of a similar persuasion. Though he's headbanger first, he has some redneck blood in him. We should make a crossover episode "Redneck vs. Headbanger" ;)

Best of luck with the game!

Liking this a lot! Movement looks really smooth and grappling around looks really fun. Good job!

Looks really cool, especially gifs from the linked devlog! :)

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SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell | Steam | Pine Studio | Facebook | Twitter Demo

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is the world's only competitive heavy metal first-person platformer. Slice every last millisecond as you race and blast your way through deadly arenas. Teleport, jump, fly, bounce and drop in a hundred merciless and fast paced maps for the ultimate prize: Your soul! And we're happy to say it's coming out this Summer! ;)

A couple new screenshots:

Rest of the post is an old update:

What is this???

Hi! I'm Tom from Pine Studio, an indie game developer from Croatia. At it's core Seum is a speedrunner, you need to finish the level in shortest amount of time. We wanted to make a wild game... And I think we're doing well on that front ;) We're planning on having 66+ levels. Game is inspired by metal music and we're going to have an original Seum soundtrack! It's going to be awesome! Main inspirations for Seum were Quake and Super Meat Boy.

Gamers got to try Seum for the first time at Reboot Infogamer 2015, and it was a blast!


Marty was having a late morning breakfast and minding his own business. Demon knocking on the door wasn't part of his morning routine. Before Marty was able to open them, demon smashed the doors in. Battle ensued and Marty lost his right arm, but the demon lost his head. Unfortunately at the same time more demons got into his garage and stole his last batch of limited edition Walrus Ale™ . Marty was furious. He ripped off the demon's arm and did some DIY to attach it to himself. It wasn't a looker but it casts fireballs! Marty's life now had a single purpose: go to hell and get his beer back!

We've been fortunate to find a really good voice for Marty:

I really like how clean this forum is! Good job! Fun fact: Seum was originally planned as a small project that would be made in a month and published on A Year later... We changed what we want of the project and are making a larger game :)

Our next milestone is a beta build targeted for beginning of 2016. And after that we're running to get game done and ready for the stores :)