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Devlog refresh on edits

A topic by Veselekov created Dec 11, 2015 Views: 440 Replies: 2
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Hey Amos

Thought it might be a good idea that devlogs 'refresh' activity based on edits of the main forum post. I feel kind of bad posting updates in the comments to get its activity showing again and it sort of gets a bit spammy the more updates you post this way. I know this would easily be exploitable for people to just refresh their games by making 1 character edits. But perhaps that could be a banable offence or something. Or perhaps itch only checks for new edits once a day and if a new edit is made it refreshes or something.

I think you're overthinking it. It's not spammy! If there's an update for a project I care about, I want it to get bumped to the top so I know there's something new to see.


I also think it's fine to post a new reply. If you do want to the main post updated you can also do that and post a shorter reply saying what you changed. Tagging this as resolved.

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