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Peasant Knight - Puzzle/Platformer/Instant death simulator

A topic by Ohmnivore created Jan 09, 2016 Views: 1,209 Replies: 3
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Website + mailing list, Twitter

Peasant Knight is like a love ballad to gamedev. For a few months before I began making this game I was doing a lot of raw programming. I was getting increasingly bored, and felt like I was stalling. So, I decided to make an enjoyable game that's not a big challenge to code, and to actually finish it!

Gameplay description

Peasant Knight is a puzzle-platformer. With a twist. You're relentlessly dashing into the face of danger, namely traps like suddenly erupting flame pits. You can only go forward! Or stop.
The game challenges your muscle memory and eye-hand coordination, but I want most of the thrill to come from solving levels, each level is like a complex machine of traps that you need to grasp and navigate through.

About this devlog

As development progresses I will be often writing updates that will discuss the technical and design challenges I will have faced. It's what I enjoy the most in other peoples' devlogs, so I'll make sure mine is worthwhile in that respect.

I also started a devlog on TIG, but I really like the itch forums so I don't know what I want anymore. On the one hand it sucks to have two devlogs, but on the other hand it's really hard to choose... For the time being both devlogs will be updated simultaneously.

Things to come

  • Local multiplayer (wip)
  • In-game level editor (wip)
  • In-game level sharing (wip)
  • More traps

Long-term plans

  • Release on 3DS and Steam
  • Release on Android and iOS

Cool gifs

Upping the difficulty a bit.

Soothing clouds :)

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Really simple mechanic, great game :D

The progression between the level is really well made too.

Thanks! I'm breaking my head over inventing new traps and enemies to keep that progression afloat. It's like I've already thought of the obvious ones.

I'm finally adhering to a more or less regular devlog update schedule, so I thought why not post the new devlogs on itch also? I've been keeping it on tigsource, but tbh I like the itch UI a lot more :) So here's the second most recent update.

Wow. It's been a while. So much has happened, I don't even. Big news first:

Peasant Knight is coming to the Nintendo 3DS! That's right. I met a team member of in a chat room, and a few days later we're married. Just kidding, he checked out Peasant Knight and said it would be a great fit for the 3DS and Steam. Now I'm not delusional, Peasant Knight at that time was a small mobile game, so it was a very big surprise. However, Ratalaika is implementing the hip features I always wanted to add: in-game level editor and map sharing, no less. They're also adding lots of other features so the game will fit snuggly in those platforms.

They're essentially porting the game from the HaxeFlixel engine to their custom Spiller ( engine which runs on the Wii U, 3DS, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and most likely all household appliances.

I also made a landing page for Peasant Knight where you can sign up for the mailing list. Lots of blood and sweat went into writing the CSS, but it was well worth it.

Future plans: 3DS, Steam, and mobile releases in a few months
Meanwhile: polishing stuff while Ratalaika is working on the port