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Cold Vengeance - 3D Run 'n' Gun [Demo]

A topic by Tales of the Renegade Sector created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 2,138 Replies: 35
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Play the Demo:

Cold Vengeance is a 3d Run 'n' Gun game. It's a sequel to Venusian Vengeance (Available on Steam).

Please vote for Cold Vengeance on Greenlight:


The year is 200X and Canada has attacked the United States. They kidnapped the president, launched a nuclear onslaught on major american cities, and sent troops and robots across the border to clean up the scraps. They have also forged an alliance with the mysterious Ninja Empire.

Sgt. Jon Dagger (Along with a mental stowaway in the form of a digitally uploaded semi-deceased soviet scientist) emerges from his Violent Meditation to take the fight back to the Canadians. You must run and gun your way across the ruined wasteland of America up into the Great White North in your quest for Cold Vengeance.



My goal is to make something somewhere in between a third-person shooter and a Sin and Punishment rail-shooter. Levels will also have secrets and alternate paths to find.

There is also a powerup system influenced by SHMUPs (with a little Gunstar Heroes thrown in). You can hold two powerup types at once, and they each can be leveled up by grabbing more powerups of the same type.


I'm going for a colorful low-poly aesthetic. Something reminiscent of the Nintendo 64/PS1 generation.


The game's concept art is being created by my good friend Ben Evans.

oh man this game looks cool as hell. im totally a sucker for the colorful, low poly style you're using here.

Thanks! I've been wanting to do stuff in this sort of style for a while, so it's been a fun project to develop.

This looks fantastic! I feel like you could go a little harder on the shooting effects though. Really small stuff like more screenshake, impact, knockback, and general Vlambeer game-feel stuff.

Thanks! Yeah, I've been playing around with the levels of feedback effects. Most of the current feedback effects are on things like enemy explosions and the player getting hit. I'll probably add some sort of camera kickback on shooting as well.

This looks amazing!


Looooove seeing games make the jump from 2D to 3D. It's just such an interesting thing to adapt. What you've got looks pretty sick!


Did some more work on the barbarian enemies. Gave them a new walking and idle animation, as well as an attack animation and a telegraph animation. Also got them to react to charging into something.

Fantastic art style, reminds me of Ape Escape meets Gunstar Heroes. I'm wondering though, is the camera fixed?

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The camera moves with the player based on where you're aiming. The main restriction is that you can't turn it all the way around to look backwards.

This looks really nice :D . Why are there two cursors ? Also, what are the target platforms ?

The two cursors are to give you a better indication of the trajectory of the projectile. One cross-hair is at the center of the screen, and the game will raycast from the camera to the cross-hair to determine what point you're shooting at (basically, how they do it in third-person shooters) the second cross-hair is projected from the point in 3d space directly between the player and the target point. Also, if the shot from the player to the target point is blocked, the red cross-hair appears and the first crosshair will move to the point that actually gets hit by the projectile.

Target platform is currently PC and Mac, but I want to look into getting this game on consoles as well.

Homing Powerup


A weapon to surpass metal gear? Kappa

So, I'm a Canadian.

No, no hate going to be coming from me, quite the opposite.

In fact, it sounds like: Canadians and some faction likely made of of japanese go team up on the US? Awesome

I don't think I'll even mind if they are maple syrup drinking lumberjacks with pet beavers they sic on you.

In fact,m this game looks so over the top, I think I'll be expecting that sort of thing. XD

I don't say "sick!" ever, but...this is sick, dude.



And, yeah, definitely going for an over-the-top tongue-in-cheek tone.

You had me at "Sin and Punishment". This looks rad as heck so far.

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Oh, hey, Brian! Long time no see (I was malec2b back on the TIGSource forums, in case you didn't make the connection)!


Wooooah, small world. Glad to see you're still making games, these look great.

Thanks! Looks like you've been up to some cool stuff yourself.

Love the art style.

Scorpion Robot

Missile Pod


Starting out the new year with a trip to the park:

Cold Vengeance is now on Greenlight:

It also now has a trailer:


A couple more gifs:

Way into this. Love the low-poly style, especially tho smoke and explosions.

Early Demo Build now available:

It contains a level specifically designed for the demo, which will not be in the final game.

i really liked the demo! felt like something you'd play at an arcade cabinet. a few suggestions:

-the cursor movement felt a little slow to me. although im sure you plan to put a mouse sensitivity slider in the final game
-it was kinda difficult to gage how badly i was hurt? it took me a while to find the healthbar in the top left corner
-those guys that shoot--it seemed like they took more than one shot to kill, but i never really got a good indication of whether i hit them or not. with the knights it was no big deal because i mostly just stood in one spot and unloaded on em, but with the shooty guys i had to do a lot of ducking and dodging to avoid their bullets and so it was hard to see if my shot actually hit em.

-the hitbox on those powerup things is a little too small i think, i kept walking over it to try and get the little popup text to appear

overall though, really solid game so far!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. And thanks for the feedback!

Haven't updated the DevLog here in a while, so here are some images of what I've been working on:

Rival Battle:

Hey, it's been a long time since I've updated here, but the game is still in development, and will be coming out January 11th, both here on Itch, as well as on Steam and the Humble Store.

Since I haven't posted here in a while, here's a gif-dump of what I've been working on: