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Tales of the Renegade Sector

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It should now work on the Itch client

It should now work on the Itch client


Thanks so much!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed! 

I've got a couple more games in this style. Another short one called The Waystone's Toll, and the original Diorama Dungeoncrawl, which is the longest of the three, but is more of a linear action game.  


A Short Low-Poly Action-Adventure Dungeoncrawl.  A treasure hunter delves into the tomb of an unknown king filled with strange monsters and deadly traps.

Thanks!  I'll look into it

WASD - Move

Mouse - Aim/Shoot

Space - Jump

E - Select

Breakneck City is an old-school 3D Beat-'em-Up with a heavy focus on environmental interactions.

I honestly think sticking with naming it "The Shorter Games With Worse Graphics" bundle or something like that would act as a good hook and help it get notice.  With a bundle it would be pretty easy to fade into the background of all the other indie bundles out there, and I think tying it to something recognizable would help.

Depending on where you hit a checkpoint, you might still be able to progress.  The shotgun can open up some new passageways (the green netting).  If you post a screenshot of where you got stuck I might be able to help you out further.  

Unfortunately the game has some performance issues on some computers.  I've heard that lowering the game's resolution can help.

Unfortunately, not at this time.

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Fair enough, and thanks for the reply.  Yeah, I generally go with linking my profile page for sales.  The one downside is that if I run a bundle of my games during a sale, it means I end up having one link for the individual items and a different link for the bundle, (since iirc, the prices displayed on items in a bundle are only affected by the discount on that bundle, and not by other sales)

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Maybe I just missed it, but it would be nice if there was a way to set discount levels individually on a per-game basis when creating a sale?  It's a hassle to create individual sales for each game.  It also means I can't have a single Sale page that displays all the discounts on each game.

No, the level layout is pre-arranged.



Store Page:

Diorama Dungeoncrawl is a Low-Poly 3D Action Game where you must battle your way through a mysterious Living Castle to face off against the powerful Necromancer who controls it. Inspired by classic 16-bit action games, Diorama Dungeoncrawlbrings that style of gameplay to a fully 3D environment!


Thanks so much!  And, yes, the soundtrack is available on Bandcamp:

Pilgrims in Purple Moss is a low-poly Action-Adventure game.  Take on the role of Space Pirate Captain McCallery as he explores a mysterious half-sunken alien ruin in search of Laserbeard's Treasure.

This is the second in an episodic series of Low-Poly 3D Action-Adventure Games.  You play as a space pirate captain exploring the lawless reaches of the galaxy in search of treasure and adventure.

The second episode is called Pilgrims in Purple Moss, and finds the Captain exploring the ruins of a half-sunken temple in search of one of the fabled treasures of Legendary Space Pirate Laserbeard.

I'm planning on finishing the second episode early 2019.  

Episode 1 is currently available:

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Space Captain McCallery Episode 2: Pilgrims in Purple Moss


My new Low-Poly 3D Run'n'Gun Action Game Thunder Kid is now out!

Thunder Kid must Run, Jump and Shoot through a series of colorful levels and fearsome bosses in their quest to take down the Robot Emperor.

Base Price: $7.99, %25 off launch sale for the first week.

Thunder Kid is out now!



Thunder Kid will be coming out in just 2 days!

Getting back to work on this.

Started working on a new environment and some new enemies:

Also a new boss:

Glad you're enjoying Cold Vengeance.  The build of Venusian Vengeance on here needs Adobe Air to run, although if you redeem the Steam key that comes with your purchase, the version on Steam should run standalone.

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed!

Decided to try out making a boss battle.  I was having trouble deciding whether to go with big, stationary SHMUP style bosses, or smaller, more maneuverable bosses.  Decided to split the difference with bosses that are about 2X the size of the main character, and also widen up boss arena stages to give them a bit of room to maneuver.

Started experimenting with some level design.  Wanted to see how multiple tiered levels would work with this style, and I'm pretty happy with the results

Today I added some more enemies

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Thunder Kid
is a 3D Run 'n' Gun game (kinda in the vein of my previous game Cold Vengeance).  Basically, it's my attempt to take the "3D Run'n'Gun" idea from Cold Vengeance, and make the smaller, tighter, Megaman-influenced version of it.

I'm currently working on a prototype, and am currently on the second day of development.  My goal is to get the basic gameplay down as well as one test level by the end of 7 days.