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Sales with different discounts on different games?

A topic by Tales of the Renegade Sector created 5 days ago Views: 24 Replies: 2
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Maybe I just missed it, but it would be nice if there was a way to set discount levels individually on a per-game basis when creating a sale?  It's a hassle to create individual sales for each game.  It also means I can't have a single Sale page that displays all the discounts on each game.


There's no way to do this right now. As for a single page showing all your different sales, I think your profile page might be a good candidate for that, it should show all the active sales you have going.

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Fair enough, and thanks for the reply.  Yeah, I generally go with linking my profile page for sales.  The one downside is that if I run a bundle of my games during a sale, it means I end up having one link for the individual items and a different link for the bundle, (since iirc, the prices displayed on items in a bundle are only affected by the discount on that bundle, and not by other sales)