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Gonna get the obvious suggestion out of the way first: Festival.

Oh wow these drums are so good!

What are the usage rights for this?

You mean it's in the repo as part of a project? If so then yes.


Thanks! Yes, I need to fix the platforming controls & collision to minimize those tricky spots.

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I could export it to run on a GB emulator potentially. I didn't want to false advertise because this is just a web version.

Podría exportarlo para que se ejecute en un emulador de GB potencialmente. No quería hacer publicidad falsa porque esta es solo una versión web. (traducido de google, así que mis disculpas por cualquier error.)


There's supposed to more to the end after a character sprite gains sentience, makes themselves the player-character, and builds a house. But for whatever reason Bitsy just decided to stop printing text. 

The only thing that's really missing is:

"There we go. {PG} Alright, player, hope you had a fun time and a great day!

SPR b"

Thank you so much for the video! Glad you liked it.



Thank you!


Thank you!

Glad you like it! :D

I've only played it via MAME so I can't imagine how rad it must have been in an actual arcade. 

Yeah, that part was all about timing and making sure someone (or the computer) was quick to defend the ventilation controls.

Oh my gosh thank you!!!

Once you have it, you can use it for as many games as you want. Sorry for the unclear licensing.

-You can use it on commercial or personal projects

-You can use it on as many projects as you want

Can use it for any free or commercial project. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

I would like to submit two of my games:

Also I'd like to submit an asset pack:

You're welcome!


With the right Bitsy hack, yes!

I just discovered a game-breaking bug that causes a janky, cliffhanger ending. I'm going to upload a fix soon.

If you mean in terms of the scariness of it, then yeah it's not too scary.

to be fair, a lot of the areas loop onto of one another. If I remember correctly the areas are...

  • Urbanized areas or places with a human touch
  • Areas that deal with heights
  • Natural areas
  • Areas that have various influences

Also, there are some corruptions that are left over from an unused meta-narrative where the dreams are constructs created by aliens as they're exploring what makes humans tick. The corruptions are dreams mixed with the interior of the alien ship (I think I only made a medical wing and the docking bay).

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Thank you!! Yes, I set that area up to be a hub world, where heading off in different directions results in different kinds of dreams (though they may overlap depending on what dream you end up in)

If you like weird, exploration-based games and crunchy playstation-like graphics, you might like Smithee.

Yeah, if you check out my Itch profile you'll find my other games.

The only videos I know of the game were a couple of streams someone did of a bunch of different games, including Smithee.

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! Sorry for the late response.


It's wonderful! Thank you so much!!!

Fantastic game! The art is extremely well done with so much detail. Gonna have to read your devlog to see how you made all the it all. The dialogue, while great, had a few issues in places (mostly the color changes indicating who is talking  is sometimes missing ).

I had to restart because I was stuck after talking to everyone.



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No ending, just sit and watch the rain.
Thanks!, It's really just the BitsyHD hack by VonBednar