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Fantastic game! The art is extremely well done with so much detail. Gonna have to read your devlog to see how you made all the it all. The dialogue, while great, had a few issues in places (mostly the color changes indicating who is talking  is sometimes missing ).

I had to restart because I was stuck after talking to everyone.

thanks!!! :3

yeah i hoped in places the dialogue kinda made sense who was talking?? bc i just wasn't in a good frame of mind to also figure out the custom text colours hacking to have more than the.. well mostly 2 colours, i kno the dialogue for protag and their thoughts are both basically white..

yeah many ppl kept getting stuck and i just dont kno where the issue is.... that why i posted the link for the quick "walkthrough" so at least if ppl restart they can sort of skip... i need to learn to better figure out these pesky variables and keep track of everything lol