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😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ THANKS!! ,,,literally had to look and read wtf i wrote for the 2 previous games to remembwr my own lore for this universe xD

i love this so much!! love the using the boots for revenge heehee and i really love the Incident, it really made me giggle!

oh this game is so lovely!  love the art and the bittersweet narrative <3

i love this haha poor dad ghost! also damn the mood change from one screen to that other screen haha...... but the game is so light hearted and cute!

oh if you want the game to be a good size on the page and not slightly blurred or anything, the size for it is 512 x 512 pixels!

oh i love this!! the poetic nature is really great and i love how expressive the art is! the narrative is whismisal in a fun slightly foreboding way that made the ending hit just right xD

thank you!!!!!!!! im really glad you enjoyed it and think its good on its own!! i love the other 2 games a lot though they do different in gameplay and the way they are written.. but i think you'll enjoy them!!

loved the idea when you were just considering it, love the execution here as well!!! very neat

thank you!!!! :')

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! its funny because i actually had to ask for help to code the breaks but they truly are needed for the pace! (bipsi works a bit differently than bitsy haha) and just thank you! im really glad you enjoyed it and the characters!! for me this was a third time returning to them and i wanted to show how their relationship had grown even more (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡

very fair! it was a real fun game as it is haha.

(spoilers ⬇️)














i really liked the design(?) of the first tardis sending u back to the beginning because it did make me avoid them and be like.. oh dead end.... until i went back to them haha very clever!!

that sounds good!! if you have trouble with that, you can maybe just put little sprite signs to first interact with.. but thats just because my brain isnt sure how to do what you wish to do without thinking about it for a while!

also i cant believe i forgot to say but your art looked great!! the rooms are so expressive and cool!!!!!

this was so cute!!! the stinky socks made me laugh a lot

this was fun! a little hard to win when you don't know what the objects you are picking up are but otherwise was really fun! i wrote down the clues on a note pad and had fun being like "am i sure its that item??" and having the demon be like "no, u died" (i did win in the end!)

nice party!

whoa right away the language selection is really cool!! and the way your progressed the game and the visuals highlighting your words.. its really really good and powerful especially the ending!

ooh thats a fun maze! I got the dumpster ending! are there actually any other endings?

thank you for playing!!!

i kno right?!! i love making the afterlife good ("but onion how does that work with ghosts still working?" pretty sure thats answered in the previous game lolololol)

thanks!!!!!! (⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴗ⁠ꈍ⁠) <3



fingers crossed!

omg thank yyou!!!!!! 😳😭💕 ah im glad the vibe came through!!!! i really wanted the sky to feel so big and maybe kind of magical? haha so im rly glad! and THSNK YOU for playing all 3!! and for liking these silly dorks 🥺💖

thanks 😭 i was rly feeling a lot as i was writing for them again ;w;

thank you!!!!! i knew i wanted to make a game with these characters again and then carly rae jepson's new album came out... i couldnt not heehee

thank you!!!! :D

hotel infinity 2: electric boogaloo!!

honestly i super get u!!! my bitsyjam game is a third installment in my ghost series 😅 i think all 3 games have been made for bitsy jams?? but spread out... so truly i hope u find an excuse to revist the characters!!!! <3

damn these are bangers!

omg yess! i'm so glad it can be played! <3


okay but for real, this game is real cute!!!! and the ending made me almost tear up ;o; its so sweet and i love all these ghosts and the mouse(?) manager <3

haha this is cute! the short interactions made me laugh <3

okay i love this haha very amusing!!!


thanks (again) 😊💖💖

U////U thank you!!!! i hope you enjoy them <3

thank you!!!!!! haha the dnd group was me literally putting my own dnd group into the game xD


indeed!!! im pretty sure i found one of them but wow another one?? (i saw theres a frog shaped flower center haha)

this was great!! I had such a hard time finding the 31st frog for level 2 I was almost convinced it didn't exist xD

ah thank you for being interested! I was asking for help on what could be an issue and it turns out that sometimes this ia just an error people get on macs?? I'm not able to fix it but this video could help??

I totally understand if this is too much effort though! Plus I cant guarantee it will work,,,