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I LOVE THIS!!! 2 ENDINGS THAT ARE JUST A DIFFICULT CHOICE HUH!! i felt so bad in both cases lmao im disappointing someone haha

ah the way to move around the island is so clever!!!!! so cute! so good!! im ready to cry over how good it is!!

IM YELLING!!!!! THIS IS SO GOOD!! HOLY SHIT THE WAY THE EXIT EFFECTS ARE UTILIZED HAS ME YELLING!!!! HOLY MOLY I JUST CANT THIS IS TOO GOOD!!!! i cant believe i missed 3 of ur bitsies, i am playing this immediately right now!!! just i feel so blessed!!!

yeah its very small xD thanks for playing!!

aw thank you!!!!!! im glad you enjoyed it  (κˆα΄—κˆ)

thank you!!! :'D

me, realizing i didn't realize if you click more than once, theres more dialogue: OH NO IM A FOOL

i love these frogs so much!!!!!! also nessie scared me a lot because i didn't realize they followed me at first!!!



i had the sudden feeling and then i made this to cope xD

thank you ;w; <3

thank u πŸ˜‚

THANK U!!!!! *^///^*

anything i kno to do is bc friends have helped me! im very much a baby at code myself! but im always glad to help and show my process for stuff!! HELL YEAH!! FIDDLE WITH THOSE COLOURS AND TRY NEW THINGS AND DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! (are u on the bitscord (bitsy discord) server? if not its rly great! everyone is very helpful and nice and all the Coding Wizards of Bitsy (and in general) are on there!!

aah im glad u liked it enough to replay >w< πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’œ

ExCuSe Me I oNLy AtE mY oWn CaNdY oR eM's MoStLy AnD aM nO tHiEf!!!! (ok i did eat a bunch of ducky's candy too but like HE GAVE ME CHOCOLATE!!! i just.... never gave it back...................)

i love this so much!!!!!

THIS WAS SO FUN!!! i remember coming in and being like.... uh what is happening?? but then having a really good time!! thanks for making this happen!! it was amazing!

yeah many are so good!! my friends suggested most of them :’D

:’) <3

i am snying (snail dying)!!! im snaighing (snail laughing) at everything!!! good sname (snail game)!!!!

oooooooh my god this was rly good, much horror!!! legit the end was like WHOAAAA!!

thats so sweet and lovely!!! like gosh so soothing for my soul!! i rly enjoyed this <3

very cute!!! βœ§*q٩(ΛŠα—œΛ‹*)و✧*q

im fucking crying from laughter dude!!!!!

also ya u cant keep them straight, they both obviously dumb gays

ur a goddamn tease!!

SOOOO SOOOOOOOOO this was uh RLY GOOD im dying from laughter omfg

just take the shell off and be the great slug detective! - emma who’s sitting beside me

that was so fun!!!! all the dialogue was really great!! laughed out loud so much, like legit!! our snail detectives should team up.. maybe then big snail could solve a murder!!

omg thats rad and u shud!!! a cootie catcher jam would be rather fun :D

this was sooo good!!!!!! (emma played it beside me and i watched haha) loved seeing those enemies get squished!!! and the whole thing was just like really sweet at the end!!! just WHAT A GOOD GAME!!!

aw thanks :3


thank you! :D

thanks! :3 i wanted to make something fun and put in a bit of effort to sort of try something different i guess :P

thank you!! xD

aw this is so good!!! i rly love the progression and just taking it a time skip at a time, the ending is very lovely :3

aw thanks you!!!!!!!! ////w////

its good as long as u arent working there!!

waaaaah i love this so much!!! my heart is so full :'3

yeah any day i got some extra energy, imma remake something :3

the murderer is long gone anyway :/