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thank you!! xD

aw this is so good!!! i rly love the progression and just taking it a time skip at a time, the ending is very lovely :3

aw thanks you!!!!!!!! ////w////

its good as long as u arent working there!!

waaaaah i love this so much!!! my heart is so full :'3

yeah any day i got some extra energy, imma remake something :3

the murderer is long gone anyway :/

AAAAAH THANK YOU!!!!! 。・゚゚*(∩>///o///<∩)*゚゚・。

yeah krys is terrible but just,,,, i love them haha,,, well i love all the characters!! i basically usually only have the roughest of outlines for dialogue so most of it was made up on the fly so i just got super attached to all the characters and i'm glad that anyone playing my game seems to really like them all too!!! johnny is one of my fav sprite designs heehee i mean all of them are very simple and similar in ways but :P 



thanks :3 yeah i didn't want to make it too difficult! i actually didn't really think i was even going to make another ending but well i don't actually like bad endings so,,, i made the good one last minute basically xD

thank you!!!!! ✧(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ haha the good ending isnt really hard to get plus there's a hint in the comments heh

thank you :’D



me too :’(

im glad someone does ;____; <3

indeed UoU

who knows,,,, >o<;;

ha ha thanks :3

i really like the paintings ///w/// <3

really enjoyed this camping experience 11/10 5 stars a million glittery stickers! lots of marshmellows and barbecue!!! :3c <3 <3

aaaaw this is sooo cute and feels so hopeful while bittersweet!!! i hope those two have a good reunion!!! <3 <3 <3 (also damn i love the art and how you like designed the interface etc)

you got so good at art!!!!!!!!! it looks so good!!!!! (kinda wanna remake my first game now....... heehee)


(xD thanks!!!!)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

thank u!!!! :3

thanks u!!!!! :’D

i had a 9 hour shift today so like its been one long huge ass mood ahahaha ha

omfg im dying from this but also god dont even fucking joke aaaaaaah thats scaryyyyy

thankfully no one is as cruel as that mega crazy bloody drink old king of hell has,,, else i'd completely die lmao

sorry we are all out of donuts

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edit: ahahahahahah yeah the some of the sins are terrible and some are just shit i wrote because i had to write something

thanks!!!! i feel like its got less of a story than usual but i learned so much!! plus lots of robot friends is always good :3

thank you 😂 yeah i thought it be real funny lmao it basically wrote itself :p

aaaah thank you!!!! ♡(∩ꈍoꈍ∩)♡

this is so cute!!!! and your drawings are just so charming!!!!!!!

omg ahahahah this is great!!!!! i laughed a lot honestly

yeah i think i even gave a hint for the second ending, its not too hard to find! hope you do and you like it or something :3

aw thanks!!! it's just one of my styles i guess, not sure if i'll use it for a visual novel/etc but who knows! i will prob attempt something in the much more distant future but for now low graphics have been easier tho it might change! i surprise myself something

awww i hope you enjoy my other games!!! <3 <3 <3

thank you!!!! yeah took some palette swaping heehee

thanks you ♡(∩ꈍoꈍ∩)♡ yeah neo is kinda weak huh i never really thought about it but thats the way it happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ its ok i really like krys! (did you get the good ending? bc theres two~) tho i guess i created it all so of course i like everyone!

no plans on continuing it yet but if i think up of a sequel then i totally will make another game!! i really do love these characters <3

thank you again for playing!!!! i'm really glad you enjoyed it (ꈍᴗꈍ)