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ok this is great, i don't think i realized i kinda missed doing this and feeling frustrated xD

aw this is so cute!!!! what a cute ghost!! :3

aaw thank you!!!!! (ꈍᴗꈍ) YEAH GORLS!!

aaw thanks ♡(∩ꈍoꈍ∩)♡


aww i love this house guest!! they are really cute :3

Thank you!!!! a lot of the book titles were my friends' ideas (i credit them in the description!) so a huge thanks goes to them :3

and the dnd was all me... its... kind of accurate??? haha we have a lot of fun either way!

yeah i'd be down!

the tree growing was super nice! the ending ;_____; 

ooh this is real nice and mysterious!

this looks fun! hoping i can find someone to try this out with :3

this is so cute :3

i rly love how you showed the story in the game, it felt very real like i too was participating in your experience. i hope you make more games <3

aw this is so sweet!!! i hope they stay together forever ;____;


this is so good... i love how is subtly creeps up on whats going on... it rly felt like a twist! very sad but also very sweet <3

thanks :3 i had a lot of fun writing all the dialogue!! (did u find the computer room? i feel like i gotta check now since emma didn't see it xD)

oh gosh this is beautiful and haunting <3

aw this is super cute!!! what a good dog <3

o m f g i just LAUGHED LIKE MAD at the end!!!

it was so hard writing everyone.. i think everyone sounds too much like me but at least i kinda got the actions right?? ha ha

haha thank you!! i'm rly... not good at them

HEEHEEHEE!!!! i guess ur crying for complete diff reasons than me in this game haha but i approve >:^)

haha i wouldnt kno :P well i think a couple of my games dont have cats but mostly  i cannot not add cats it seems! :3



thanks!!!! thats a big thanks for freya, emma, em and ducky! they came up with more than half of them :3

WHOA WHOA WHOAAAAAA!!!!! i love this so much!!! it looks so eerie and cool :0

nice! a bit slow in the beginning which kinda feel confusing but the animation itself is nice!

Thanks :3

this is so beautiful!!!! love the narrative too... its so quiet in such a loud way??? the music is just perfect!!!

this is still so good!!!! <3 <3

thank you :D <3 <3 <3

aw im so glad!!

i love the sprites!!! they're so cute!!! :3

no problem at all! i love helping ppl with bitsy :D 

cute! i really love how you did the clouds and rain in the sky :D

no problem! are u in the bitsy discord? we usually help answer questions there and organize collaborations and stuff :) we’re all working on making a proper guide and wiki for bitsy but its been very slow >.<;; here a link if u arent in the bitsy discord and u’d like to join!

this is really cute :3 

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thank you!! i basically just used the edit image from dialog hack and the permanent items hacks, so the cats are basically blank items that change their image when u talk to a lantern (and then its just some variables to make sure that the cats appear in the order i've chosen) so yeah you grab the matches, the variable on the matches gives you the diff lantern dialogue with the hack info that changes the lantern's image + colour and also makes a cat appear :P 

you can use sprites of course but for this illusion i needed items so that you can walk on them so it truly appears like the cats just appear where there was nothing. there's probably some way to make them actually be like a 'wall' through js or something but i dont know how to do that and just experiment with the hacks that already exist (i'm sure sean might make a hack that toggles the 'wall' property of a item one of these days)- just be sure that if you want to make like 5 items appear one by one, each of those items are a different one else the hack modified the specific item so if u have more than one instance of it in your game, it'll change it everywhere (sprites can be put more than once so thats not an issue)

i hope this is a decent explanation! i spend a lot of time figuring this out for my other game robits and had a lot of trial and error for some things that seem rly simple >.<;;

oh! also borksy is great if you dont kno abt it- makes it real easy to add hacks to test your game. you can add the edit image from dialogue hack into the 'Additional JavaScript' section and the permanent items hack is already in the hacks section just be sure to read the options for it where you can choose to have it be for all items or the default is that you have to put PERMANENT into an item's name

sorry if you already knew abt borksy >.<;; i just use it a lot because its a huge time saver... ah i remember the days i had to manually insert all the hacks into the downloaded html file just to test it.... that was so long ago.... back in... march of this year xD