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thia is such an excellent update!

A better game than I've ever made

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Not at all! Hmm.. It's possible I wasn't clear enough in the jam rules, but this jam is supposed to continue on until September 9th.
A new submission portal will open and we can compare these entries with their more finished forms!

Edit: I've now changed the jam format to be a little more refined. Check out the jam page to see!

Hey, this game sounds really cool, but you've put up a jar file here!

That makes it really hard to play.

Maybe you could package it up with ?

(Disclaimer: I haven't actually used it before, but that's what a quick google search popped up)

It does sound very interesting though, and I'd like to give it a shot!

Hey this is really coool! I like that you can only shoot the bear when it's awake, it makes it just a little bit more spooky. OOOoooOoo~

You should keep working on it. It's cool! Maybe it could work well with more puzzly bits. Since you can't jump back up once you fall down a ladder, maybe you can do something with that, where you have to make sure to go down the right ladders, idunno. Just an idea!

Hey this is really cool! I like the circular effect surrounding the character. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with that, but I think it'd be cool if you did more with it!

I missed the deadline! dangit!

I am so slow at learning unity.  But, I have learned things about navmeshes and animation events and how to kind of mangle unity around into behaving! grrrrr

why is this so fast speed idunno

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I'm trying out a new camera angle. Idunno, maybe I will switch back,
but making the change has let me discover new and cool things about unity!

I'll definitely need to add some shadows under the characters if I keep this.

This is coming along great!

I think your perseverance is paying off!

i like it

Hello guys

I'm not sure on a name yet.

But I failed at making the deadline for LDJam.

So, now I'm joining this! I'm gonna' make something cool I hope!

Actually, in the effort to make something complete, it will be 102% a moosh inspired trashgame!

I remember playing this jurrasic park survival map in WC3. It was a ton of fun.

This game will be kind of like that, maybe.

I'm still trying to figure out how to add the theme in.

wooooowwieeeeee looook attt thattt gameplayyyy

This game is cool.

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Don't get me wrong, finishing is a valuable skill in itself, but personally if a bunch of half finished projects is enough to deter me from working in a medium altogeher, then maybe I don't even like the process of making games. and idk what's the point in that case?

You might not be a mega indie hit in 5 years, or ever. But I think just liking to make games is more important than the time it takes to eventually make something you're happy with.

Happy holidays y'all. :D

honestly, it doesn't even matter if its too ambitious. Everyone tries to warns newbies because they go through this process and they just want you to avoid their mistakes. But honestly, a dozen over ambitious failed projects is the practice it takes to make gam.

probably not. Keep google handy, and be as crafty as possible.

you can do it in either. Rpgmaker will be more tedious for the danmaku bits and gamemaker will be more tedious for the rpg bits. This might be quite an undertaking in either. I suggest you keep some tutorials handy.

please add hooks to automagically add games into your steam library. I would do this, but leafo, let's be honest. You know how lazy I am. That's why I need this. Because I am far too lazy to go to alt tab on my keyboard.

Plz, Amos, I need thiszzz.

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Some random thoughts,

I felt WoW's MoP expansion was kind of calming and therapeutic.

Anything by Jenova Chen also has this effect on me.

*that typo was itchy

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Most recently, i've played Cibele, Dr. Langeskov, and Undertale. All super great games. Undertale, an rpg classic. Dr. Langeskov, phenomenal comedy narrative. Cibele, very interesting, esoteric games like that are why I love itch.

GAMes. Games are fun. So, what are you playing, and what do you like about it?

If it resonates.

If i want to see more work from the creator(s).

I wouldn't say that's necessarily the wrong order.

As long as a game/toy has these two things, in my eyes it is a good piece of work.

  1. Great immediate feedback.
  2. Great atmosphere.

So what does that mean?

Great immediate feedback is the instantaneous response the game gives back to you from player input. For example, in mario, even just walking around and jumping up and down is pretty enjoyable. This is key. Gamefeel would fall under this category.

Great atmosphere is the story, graphics, sound design and overall immersiveness. Does the universe you've created in the game extend beyond what's immediately there? Do I find myself imagining exploring different elements in your game within my own brain? If people find themselves creating headcanon, then you've done a good job.

You've already well on your way with number 2. Personally, I'm not a fan of the selection UI. I feel like it doesn't fit right with the rest of the atmosphere you've got going, but you can definitely find a way to add number 1 into what you've got going.

This is really cool dude. You should work on this more.

Love the art style.

You could also do like a match 3 thing. Make the play area smaller and if you touch a wall, then gameover.

I'm getting a 404 on that link.

Regular Dumps Are Important


I always found handling replies properly to be a tricky ux problem, it will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Hello people,

I will unfortunately be temporarily discontinuing DualStick2D.

Not because of other life shit happening, but because my current project has evolved and I am now working on some cool things.

I'm going to hold off on releasing what I have until it's ready, but it should be pretty dang awesome.

I apologize for the lack of updates.

Been working on a couple different projects. For this one, I've been working on more back-end tools so that I can accomplish more in the future jams. Most likely going to release this game as more of a toy then as a game.

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Man, I really like this pause screen

(1 edit)

Another webm of the pause screen, because why not:

(2 edits)

Woops, just noticed a color bug with the pause screen. Fixed that.

(Still don't know how to get rid of that lag frame)

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This is great!

Although I don't really expect anyone to participate in this preliminary jam,

here's a link to my youtube vlogging:

And maybe I'll devlog here too.

Here's a webm of my current progress (idk how to get rid of that one lag frame):

--This is what pausing currently looks like. It'll be very similar in the final build, just a couple menu options in the center.

Edit: Trying to get rid of that lag frame hmm