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I'll check that out. Probably an issue with the initial line trace starting too high above the fire pit when placing it. Thank you

XP should work like normal. It only resets to zero if you start a brand new game. If you die there is no penalty except that you have to resume from whatever your last save point was. Each level gained will reset the XP progress bar back to empty, but the number displayed in the center should show your accumulated XP from every level and the number you have to reach to gain the next level.

Yes, snapping components is being worked on. There will be a toggle to snap or "free place".  In case you didn't know, you can use (while holding a building piece with right click) WASD to move around building components, Q and E to rotate them and the mouse scroll to move them away or closer to you.

Thanks for the feedback

I thought I had fixed that but I'll get it into the next update.

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I'll get loading from the death menu into the next update.

Also there are still a lot of optimizations to do pertaining to level loading. Lots of objects that load into the main world don't need to be until you are in close proximity to them. This will continue to significantly reduce load times as I optimize more of these objects with each update.

Thank you for the feedback

Great! hopefully I'll have an update out soon to fix the long load times when loading from a save slot.

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It depends on how you initially set up your app. It should download the updates automatically if you have it set up similar to steam. Beware the New version has a bug where loading a save slot can take 5-10 minutes...

Checking the key binds will help for things like toggling the HUD elements and other stuff that might not be so obvious at first and also reading the entire journal. I won't give anything away that isn't already there unless you ask. Thanks again and I really appreciate the videos and feedback

Thanks CoalFire! I just watch the whole video, it was great and I appreciate the feedback. I was waiting for you to finally realize the big hemp trees provide hemp also :D  Drinking from the "tree" is just a little bug that happens when you are close to the shore on ground that is almost the same elevation as sea level. Normally you have to be looking at the water and standing right by it to drink.

The loading from a save locking up at 40% is a known issue from the last update. I'm frantically trying to fix it right now but it is being evasive. It never happens in when I playtest through the UE4 editor/engine but it always happens in the packaged/distributed build... I'll figure it out sooner or later. However, it will load eventually, it just might take 5 mins or more based on feedback. Loading usually takes 15-30 seconds on my rig but it takes about 3-4 mins now. Hopefully I'll have a fix out soon. Thanks again for playtesting and making a video. If you want any tips to help gameplay for your videos let me know. Since it's still in development it can be a grueling walking simulator at times when you don't know where to go to find things like the dragon egg. 

Thank you for your continued feedback. I found the issue with the hover pop up and it should be fixed in the next update. I've also fixed the issue with getting stuck in foundations. The buildings now load in before the character. I"m not sure what's up with the cursor but I'll continue to look into that. The main problem is the savegame stalling while loading and that is still my main focus. Thanks again.

Hmm, it sounds like either the entire update got bugged in the push or your particular download is bugged. I will look into it, but the inventory pop ups should work on the entire slot. The way you are explaining it is how it was broken when I updated UE4 to 4.19. I may have to do a full re-upload of the game to because the update may have resulted in files from UE4 4.11 and 4.19 being mixed up together and that is no good.

A single left click shouldn't do anything anymore. Only double left click to "use" and a single right click to open the drop down action menu.

How laggy is the mouse cursor? I notice a tiny bit of frame lag, but it "keeps up" with movement on my end if you know what I mean. Does yours actually lag behind where it should be or is it just "choppy" like it isn't drawing every frame?

Thanks again!

Thanks cHyper, The last update completely broke a bunch of stuff because upgrading the UE4 engine during the development of a game is a recipe for disaster... Hopefully I will have a fix out soon.  I want to support other languages in the future but that is not a priority as of now because Windstone is still in very early development. Once I've added a substantial amount of quests and NPC interactions I will starting looking into language support. The success of the game will greatly effect the time table on language support implementation also because that is something I would like to hire translators for. I'm not sure how dependable auto translators would be... Nevertheless, I'll add it sometime even if I have to do it myself. It just might not be for a very long time. Thanks for playing!

Can you confirm if any of these bugs happen if you start a fresh game? (besides the 40% hang?) I think the UE4 engine upgrade requires a fresh save file restart but that is not certain yet.

I understand your concerns about the difficulty in traversing the terrain. There will be more indications of where to go and how to get there as the game develops. For now, it is more akin to a survival sandbox where you just do whatever you want with no guidance, like the game Ark. The quests are almost a distraction right now because it is very hard to finish some without lots of exploring and I realize that the size of the map and the barren parts turns Windstone into a walking simulator at times. I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm just letting you know I'm very aware of these issues and am working towards improving them as the game develops. 

I'm sorry about the save file. I'm not sure why update 19 broke it if update 18 didn't, because 18 had all the major changes to the saving system. I fear that the UE4 game engine update from 4.11 to 4.19  in Update 19 is the culprit. If so, this is the first update that I think has broken game saves and requires a new game and I apologize.

Thank you for confirming that there is an issue with loading locking up at 40%.  This is a priority and I am going to focus solely on this issue and push another update as soon as I think it is fixed. 

The recent addition of the level streaming system in Update 18 and the UE4 upgrade to 4.19 in Update 19 are massive changes that took a ton of work but sadly that took a lot of time away from world building and game mechanics development quite a bit. It will all be worth it in the end and once the kinks are worked out I'll be able to get back into working on gameplay more and updates should be more stable.

Thank you for your patience and your feedback.

That is planned for later. Lots of other stuff to take care of first :D I'm currently in the process of migrating the project to newer versions of UE4  and will get back into developing once I've found a stable version.  I needed to upgrade to get some mouse cursor functionality that will be implemented into the next Windstone update.

Hey there, all your suggestions are great and most I have considered putting in the game or am already working on. The muddled mechanic is a little harsh isn't it? I've contemplated how to change it so it's less punishing but am still trying to figure out the best way. Maybe being muddled could make things take more materials to craft or take more time (even though I said I don't want to add crafting loading bars in a recent devlog) I think the idea of a muddled mechanic is good, but I know its more of a pain in the ass right now.  The idea of the muddled mechanic comes from the fact that many people IRL that die stranded in the wilderness die because they become confused from hunger/thirst/fatigue/body temp and the loss of their mental faculties winds up ending in them making a bad decision or not being able to complete simple tasks.  Maybe it's just not a fun or good idea for a game mechanic but I think I can make it work with tweaking.  My other thought on the muddled mechanic is to super nerf it for "easy" mode, make it less harsh like the above suggestions for "normal" mode" and leave it as is for "hard" mode. I've yet to implement difficulty levels yet though, so this is just a thought. All in time!Thanks for the input

For now, there isn't a plan to make Windstone Multiplayer, but that doesn't mean it could never happen. It really depends on the success of the game and how future development goes. I have built Windstone from the ground up as a single player game, so converting it to multiplayer would be quite an undertaking and would basically be like starting from scratch. Once the survival mechanics are fleshed out I am going to focus primarily on the story and quests.

For most of Winstone's time on itch, it has been free and will be free. I only periodically and temporarily put a price on it to help development but the increased numbers of downloads and exposure when it is free is probably more beneficial.  If you download Windstone when it is free, you will never have to pay for it even when I put a price back on it as long as it's on itch. When and if it ever arrives on steam it will have a separate price, but I will be offering steam keys especially for those who have already paid for it on itch and even those who downloaded it for free and  were helpful with feedback.

I am interested in possibly working with a publisher.  Please contact me at with more information.

Yes, but I want Windstone to be much more developed first. Maybe sometime late 2019 but it could be later. In the mean time I will be updating Windstone periodically on

I'm glad running and jumping  got you unstuck. I'll make a more elegant fix soon :D 

The old saves should work.  The clipping into foundations after loading is an issue with the new level streaming system because now the character loads in before the buildings and causes you to become trapped in the foundations. If you crouch and/or jump while moving around you might be able to pop yourself out. You might be stuck for good. This will be addressed in the next update. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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The custom mouse pointer reverts back to the standard windows arrow.

The pre-lit campfires around the NPCs cause a huge frame rate drop

Saving and loading inside of a structure can cause you to be stuck in the foundation.

Update 18

With update 18 comes the much requested female player character, the framework for major performance optimization and much more.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention the newly implement Level Streaming system in the dev log for update 18. This system is what I've been working on the most since update 17 but it is completely behind the scenes work that the player will not immediately notice compared to changes like the addition of the female character. This level streaming system will help optimize load time and framerate in all areas of Windstone. This is explained in more detail in the previous devlog titled "Update 18 coming soon". Some users may already notice a performance increase but I will be optimizing the level streaming system a lot more in the future now that the frame work is implemented. 

When starting a new game you can now choose between either a male or a female character. After choosing the gender of your character you can now choose which region of the world to start in: The Frozen North, The Jungle Mountains, The Southern Shore or The Island. Each region has multiple random starting points within.

Dozens of Points of Interest (POI) are now pre-marked on the map as a white dot. These mostly include villages, major landmarks and the Dragon Keeps. The POI marker will turn yellow after it has been discovered and you will gain a substantial amount of experience points.

Your character model proxy on the inventory menu will now show your equipped weapons and tools on their belt and strapped to their back. Previously only the armour, quiver and arrows would be visible on the proxy.  A change has also been made that has stopped the arrows from quivering in the... quiver...

New building pieces have been added: A triangle wood floor foundation, a triangle shaped roof section for wood huts that corresponds with angles made with the triangle wood floor and a complete roof cap section that can be placed on top of a "round" hexagon hut made with 6 triangle foundations. The triangle foundations can be used in conjunction with the square foundations to create as big or as large of a circular foundation as you please. Explore the newly added villages for examples and building ideas for your own designs. This only applies to the wood hut constructions for now in the warmer climates. Triangle foundations will be added to the stone huts in the cold climates in the future.

2 times more wildlife spawns have been added to the map. With this change is also an optimization that unloads individual wildlife from the game when you are very far away from them. Previously the wildlife would be "deactivated" when far away, but unloading them completely greatly increases performance once hundreds of creatures have been loaded into the game.

Visit the desert to find a new oasis and a Great Pyramid filled with labyrinthine tunnels and treasure. This Pyramid is similar to the one on the floating island, but you don't have to have a dragon to reach it.

2 animated Non Player Characters, (NPCs) have been added to a large hut in the center of the Jungle Mountains area. They cannot yet be interacted with, but the framework for NPC interactions is being worked on. They will offer quests and story lore in the future.

When you have gauntlets equipped, they will now appear on your forearms in first-person view while wielding the Maul and Axe that was added in Update 17.

A Stone Wall crafting recipe has been fixed. It previously needed wood and now correctly needs stone.

The time it takes to become overfed has been decreased and the time it takes for your nutrition to stabilize has been slightly increased. (You shouldn't become overfed as much when eating a lot and if you do become overfed it should wear off more quickly)

Various other bug fixes:

Fixed an issue that would disable drinking wells
Fixed an issue where full water gourds could not be picked up.
Fixed an issue with the Antelope Hide Poncho not showing on the proxy character when equipped.
Fixed a visual glitch with the horizon where the ocean meets the sky. In the process, the position of the distant mountain ranges on the far horizon have been altered.
Fixed a problem with aggressive wildlife not sensing the enemy in certain circumstances.
There is now a chance to have twins when hatching a dragon egg. Good luck with that. Feeding one is difficult enough.
Fixed an issue with the sound effect of fire crackling not playing.
Fixed an issue with shadows of the player's equipped armor when mounted.

There will be story quests which I will start incorporating soon. The next update has a lot more added to the map and dozens of pre existing map markers for POIs. The compass will also be added again in the future but more programming needs to be done so it works for all the different starting areas.  The world is pretty big, and I plan on expanding the coast line in certain areas pretty dramatically since it is more optimized now that I've incorporated seamless level streaming. That may currently seem unnecessary or too large to some players, but once you have a flying mount, quests to give you directions, lots of NPCs and POIs, the world should seem a lot smaller.  This is still just the beginning. Thanks for playing Windstone and I appreciate the feedback.

The compass was taken out temporarily when new starting points were added around the map, because no matter what starting point you were at, the compass would lead you to items in the original starting area on the South shore. Once it is configured to point to the closest item based on your location I will add it back in. Thanks for your concern and sorry for the imconvenience.

Thanks for the feedback and the review. I will be working more on the AI and crafting system as Windstone is very early in development. I'll definitely address the instant 180 AI spinning soon because that is not supposed to happen at all.  When they are poisoned by a blow dart they should turn even slower, but that apparently isn't working. I must have made some change to the AI somewhere along the line that broke their rotation rate without realizing it, so thanks for finding that bug. I hope to see more reviews as this one was quite entertaining.

Thanks bgal2012. I appreciate the feedback and I will work on a fix for the white text and center dot being difficult to see in the snow biome. There are currently 12 spawn points when starting a new game, 5 are in the snow biome. Your spawn point is randomly chosen at the start of a new game so you just got "lucky" and ended up in the snow biome each time. I will add an option to choose which area to start in, while still making the spawn point in that area random, so you only start in the snow biome if you want to, but you won't be sure exactly where in the snow biome you will spawn.

The next update coming in a week or so will include the option to play as a female, a few more building pieces including a triangle floor section that can be used with the square floor to create circular builds, and many more buildings to explore and wildlife spawns all over the map.

Thanks for the performance info also. I will continually work on optimizing loading times.

Thanks again for trying out Windstone.

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Updated 10-25-18.

Please leave input concerning what you would like to see prioritized.

Update 17 Two-handed Axe and Maul

A two-handed Stone Axe and large Stone Maul can now be crafted through the tool tab on the bushcraft menu. The primary use of these new tools are to harvest wood and stone at a much faster rate than the one-handed hatchet and hammer. The Axe and Maul are relatively easy to craft but are heavy, cannot be used as crafting tools and must be switched manually with the hatchet or hammer respectively depending on the task at hand. The Axe and Maul can also be used as weapons and are only surpassed in damage output by obsidian weapons.

Tools, weapons and armour can now be dragged and dropped to quickly equip them. Drag an equippable item out of the inventory and drop it to automatically equip it to its pre-assigned slot. Double clicking an item or selecting equip from the right-click drop down menu still works to equip an item also. Custom hotbar slot orders may be added in the future but is not currently a priority.

Hunger and Thirst now takes twice as long to deplete. This change has also been applied to the Dragon Hatchling allowing you more time to find food and water for yourself and your hatchling.

Maximum sleeping time is now increased from 5 hours to 10 hours.

The effects of food poisoning have been changed and will no longer always inevitably kill you if you don't have a proper antidote but it will leave you vulnerable with low health for a time. Poisoning still may cause an unavoidable death without an antidote if compounded with other ill effects (extreme fatigue, hypothermia, dehydration etc.)

Due to the increased size of the Building tab, the location of most notifications have been moved onto the top border of the inventory and contrast more with the background. This prevents the notifications from being hidden behind the crafting window and makes them more apparent overall.

The sorting button [^] has been moved to the bottom border of the inventory.

Some changes have been made to water surfaces and shadows to increase quality and performance.

Motion Blur has been turned off due to a conflict with other post processing settings. This primarily effected the first-person arms, making them blurry with jagged edges when animated.

Dragon colors should now persist through game saves/loads instead of reverting to blue/green.

The Dragon Hatchling should no longer be able to be turned into a juvenile instantly after hatching.

An issue was fixed with Drinking Well LODs as well as various other minor bugs.

More changes to the landscape have been made and assets have been added primarily around the starting areas. This will be an ongoing process throughout many more updates as the world continues to be built and gameplay mechanics pertaining to the availability of materials are balanced.

Thanks for playing Windstone.

Update 16

This hotfix addresses an issue caused by update 15 which stopped wildlife from spawning in certain areas. This should work as intended now.

Other bug fixes:

When Riding a dragon, the rider's shadow should now appear correctly on the ground.

An issue has been fixed that caused the camera to spin uncontrollably when diving downwards while riding a dragon.

Some trees have been slightly moved to keep their branches from clipping through buildings.

Update 15 - Wolves!

Wolves now roam the snow biome along with the antelopes. Wolves will stalk you if they sense you from a distance. If you get too close they will charge and attack. Be prepared with arrows or a spear. A knife, hatchet or hammer will do, but you should be well-armoured before trying. Wolf meat and pelt can be harvested from their carcass with a knife. Their meat offers similar benefit to venison when cooked. The pelt will be used to make warm clothing in the future. For now it makes a nice rug.

Respawn timers on all wildlife have been increased. It now takes longer for wildlife to return to an area where they have been killed. Wildlife will not respawn if you are in their spawn proximity. If you find that certain wildlife is not respawning, leave the area (approximately a few hundred yards) to let the wildlife "return" to the area. This prevents dangerous wildlife from spawning on top of your head, keeps wildlife from "popping" into existence too much and breaking immersion, allows you to temporarily "clear" an area for safety, and makes it a little more difficult to hunt since wildlife usually will avoid inhabited areas. There is still a chance that wildlife will roam into an area you have settled from a distance.

Empty water gourds can now be filled in the snow biome at a fire by melting snow. Simply stand by a fire within the snow biome and choose "fill" from the drop down menu on the empty water gourd in your inventory or double click on the empty water gourd.

Bridges, climbing paths, buildings, wells, plants and various pickup items have been added to the landscape. This will be a continuing process as the landscape is populated with more assets during each update.

Wildlife spawn locations, particularly in the desert and volcano biome have been increased.

Thanks for playing Windstone! Please leave feedback if you find bugs or have suggestions. Windstone is still very much in alpha development and will undergo many changes. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! I'll fix this in the next update.

Update 14

This is by far the biggest update so far. I wanted to make sure it contained significant additions which is why it took so long.

To help continued development, a price of $5.00 has been added to Windstone. Many hours of gameplay can be had with update 14 and I now feel comfortable taking it out of the free category. I appreciate all those that have already played the game for many hours and given useful feedback.

Main Changes and Additions in Update 14:

3 New Biomes have been added: Desert, Volcano and Snow.

The Desert area serves mostly as a place where certain resources are abundant (agave, thorns and poison herbs) and as an area that must be crossed to enter the Volcano Biome. Within the Volcano Biome you will find buildings with loot, obsidian harvesting nodes, dangerous lava flows and most importantly the Red Dragon Keep, which houses the Red Dragon egg.

The Snow Biome covers nearly the entire northern quarter of the Island. Many pre-built newly modeled stone structures are scattered around the frozen land. Temperatures are always cold, resources are scarce and only Antelopes currently roam the wild as the cold-blooded Formicans and other native creatures stay south. In this biome, survival is truly a struggle of Makaran against himself. Within the Snow Biome, high on a mountain range is the White Dragon Keep. Wolves and Bears are stirring in their dens, awaiting a future update.

The separate island south west of the main island is now fully populated with resources and wildlife and also is home to the Green Dragon Keep.

The Blue Dragon keep remains where it has always been. All 4 dragons can be in your care simultaneously.

The Follow/Stay commands for the dragons have been modified to account for having multiple dragons. The Player must be close enough to their dragon and while looking at (placing the center dot on) the dragon press T (follow) or Y (stay). This allows you to have one or as many of the dragons follow you as you wish. As of now, the dragons do not follow you if you are flying so be sure to put your remaining dragons on Stay if you take flight on another.

As a side note, the dragons are currently and primarily a mode of faster transportation and cannot die once fully grown. In the future this will be expanded, dragon combat mechanics will be added as well as quests that involve the dragons on your path to extermination the formicans and their Queen.

The in-game navigation Map has been updated.

When starting a new game you will begin in one of 12 spawn points at random. 5 are in the snow biome, 2 on the southern shore, 1 in the volcano biome, 3 in the central area of the main island and 1 on the south western island. All spawn points have different pros and cons. Some spawn points will offer a greater challenge than others.

Stone buildings have been added to the bushcraft menu which allows you to build new stone structures in the style of the newly modeled buildings that can be found in the Snow Biome. 

Tutorial and quest objectives have been slightly altered for clarity and to accommodate new additions in update 14. 

The model of the crafted well is modified and made unable to provide water if it's placed on top of a foundation or other structure piece. It must now be placed on the landscape. (A structure can still be built around it but the well itself has to have bare ground directly underneath it)

Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue where the crafted water well could not be used.

Fixed an issue where ALL shadows would disappear. Shadows can now be seen much farther away.

Fixed an issue where ambient fog would cause concentric circles to appear in the sky at the center of the screen at night.

Thank you for playing and please leave feedback to help improve Windstone.

Update 13 includes some bug fixes and a simple but much needed change to the building system.

Building items that you place can no longer be accidentally picked up by simply pressing E. You now must double tap E to pick up a building piece. 

A menu may be added in the future to give to option to pick up/repair/lock in place/etc. but for now, requiring E to be double tapped quickly to pick up a building piece should mitigate accidentally picking them up when trying to pick up other items such as a tool on the floor or when trying to open a basket. There is no indicator yet in the game that lets you know that you can double tap E to pick up a building piece, but this will be added as the building system is worked on.

Right clicking on a building piece will still move it and can cause accidental movement of building pieces when trying to move a basket or other item. This will be addressed in the next update.

The Dragon Hatchling should now spawn when hatched even if inside a building or something is overhead. It still may be safer to hatch outside, but hatching inside will help to find any more problems.

The Dragon Hatchling should now be able to navigate more effectively in player-built structures but this needs more testing.

The items that were left near the starting area in the last update have been removed (glider,raft and various weapons) These were placed there for my own testing purposes and I simply forgot to remove them. Kill those Antelopeees and cure their hides! :D

I am currently working on an update but it might be a little while before it is out. I am a one man team.  I try to make the updates pretty significant when they are less frequent, like adding new mechanics and content instead of just bug fixes.

Wow, thank you Cipherdec. This is very much appreciated. It's nice to see evidence of someone actually enjoying my game and not just giving bug reports :D