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What new Linux news O' glorious one?

Lol, not bad. It felt like I had just finished the tutorial and the first real test was the final boss. It would be good to include ALL controls in the intro above, i.e.

  • SHIFT to sprint
  • SPACE to jump
Additionally, I would have appreciated being able to read the notes where they were rather than pick it up and hit escape to go to an inventory screen to read it.

Lastly, the music is very entertaining, high energy and hectic. But it didn't match the action in the game for me. In fact I had to simply mute my speakers so I could think properly. :) Perhaps sound effects instead of music?

I liked the setting and the graphics!


There appears no way to maintain access between OS installs to games kept on a separate drive/partition.


After a clean OS install on paritition 1, the newly installed itch client is pointed to an already existing itch library on partition 2. Although the pre-existing library folder is added as the new default library folder, the itch client is unable to "see" that there were games previously installed therein. Newly installed games are, however, seen.


  1. Ubuntu 16.04 was installed on partition /dev/sda1. The client app default library "ItchLibrary" was created on /dev/sda2.
  2. The games "I am the Captain" and "Ravenfield" are downloaded and played from /dev/sda2/ItchLibrary
  3. Ubuntu 16.04 is replaced by Manjaro 16.10 on partition /dev/sda1, a new app is installed from AUR.
  4. The old library at /dev/sda2/ItchLibrary is made the default library, old games "...Captain" and "Ravenfield" are not "seen."
  5. Itch app restarted, old games remain "unseen."
  6. A new game, "Anchored" is downloaded. The client correctly uses the default library at /dev/sda2/ItchLibrary.
  7. The library now correctly shows that "Anchored" is installed. "...Captain" and "Ravenfield" though present, remain "unseen."

Possible Solutions:

  • Scan newly added/created library folders for preexisting itch game files.
  • Add "Re-scan Library" button on top of Library page.
  • Add "Re-scan Library" drop down on "Library" in "Essentials."
Raft community · Created a new topic Controls?

I was offered a file about 'controls" in addition to the game file when I downloaded Raft . I chose to download the game first, but now I see no obvious way to get the "controls" file. Itch just offers to reinstall and uninstall the game itself. Looking through the files I didn't see a README or similar. Am I missing something or are we supposed to figrue out the controls via trial and error?

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Hi Amos.

Another Gaming on Linux article has me back here checking things out. :) Reading your last reply worries me that you thought I was suggesting a Big-Picture-esque mode for Itch. While that would indeed be groovy, the purpose of my original OP was to plead for a means to simply increase the itch client's font size. I'm no coder, but I imagine it's just a number somewhere, could it and a couple other settings not be fairly easily added as a drop down menu in the preferences section? I know you're crazy busy working on reliability, so know that I appreciate your time. I'll just keep using the browser to access itch until you find the time to add this feature.

All the best,


Thanks Amos for the quick reply. I've not used since my initial feedback, but a mention on Gaming on Linux has me checking in. I feel bad because I think your prompt reply deserved a prompt "thank you." Well, no time like the present: Thank you Amos! I've been away, but not given up on one iota! :)

I squint as I type this because the font is almost too small to see, though my screen it a 55" 1920x1080 flatscreen TV, and it's only ten feet away. Obviously the itch.client isn't built for a living room games player such as myself. I can see two possible solutions:

  • Build in a "zoom in/out" feature akin to [ctrl] +/- in Firefox. is wonderful to use in Firefox because of this ability.
  • Alternatively, how about allowing users to adjust font size via a percentage setting?

I don't think a Steam Big Picture Mode solution is even remotely necessary for itch, but it's almost painful to use away from the desktop.

Addendum: Consider placing the "Community rules" for posting above the new topic's "Title" and "Body" text fields