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App Feature Request: Library Scanning.

A topic by Nanobang created Feb 20, 2017 Views: 352 Replies: 1
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There appears no way to maintain access between OS installs to games kept on a separate drive/partition.


After a clean OS install on paritition 1, the newly installed itch client is pointed to an already existing itch library on partition 2. Although the pre-existing library folder is added as the new default library folder, the itch client is unable to "see" that there were games previously installed therein. Newly installed games are, however, seen.


  1. Ubuntu 16.04 was installed on partition /dev/sda1. The client app default library "ItchLibrary" was created on /dev/sda2.
  2. The games "I am the Captain" and "Ravenfield" are downloaded and played from /dev/sda2/ItchLibrary
  3. Ubuntu 16.04 is replaced by Manjaro 16.10 on partition /dev/sda1, a new app is installed from AUR.
  4. The old library at /dev/sda2/ItchLibrary is made the default library, old games "...Captain" and "Ravenfield" are not "seen."
  5. Itch app restarted, old games remain "unseen."
  6. A new game, "Anchored" is downloaded. The client correctly uses the default library at /dev/sda2/ItchLibrary.
  7. The library now correctly shows that "Anchored" is installed. "...Captain" and "Ravenfield" though present, remain "unseen."

Possible Solutions:

  • Scan newly added/created library folders for preexisting itch game files.
  • Add "Re-scan Library" button on top of Library page.
  • Add "Re-scan Library" drop down on "Library" in "Essentials."

Sorry for necroing, couldn't find a more recent request for this and felt a new thread when it's been asked was pretty unnecessary.

Gonna second this. Recently refreshed Windows install and was surprised to see there's no way to scan folders you've previously set up for installing games to and it's rather obnoxious to try to look up everything again and to have to reinstall it all just to get it to show up.

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