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Just had this exact issue too of dying at the same time as defeating the last enemy and the game soft locking.

It's really nice to look at and the music choice is very soothing. I unfortunately can't tell if I'm making progress cause the new day text went from new descriptions of rain, to just a blue line, and then to nothing. I tried to sacrifice as much as I could for several minutes after that but kind of had to put it down.  Either way though, really nice experience!

Haven't been keeping up with the itch scene much lately, but glad to see this still going! Really love everything you're doing with this project and will be keeping fingers crossed in hopes you get the grant.

Also, congrats on pushing through social issues to get things done! Very understand how hard that stuff can be.

All the ending lines in paragraphs in the popups are partially cut off making them very hard or sometimes impossible to read. Would like to give this a try cause it seems interesting, but no compatability settings or anything seem to fix this. Any ideas?

Sorry for necroing, couldn't find a more recent request for this and felt a new thread when it's been asked was pretty unnecessary.

Gonna second this. Recently refreshed Windows install and was surprised to see there's no way to scan folders you've previously set up for installing games to and it's rather obnoxious to try to look up everything again and to have to reinstall it all just to get it to show up.

Should have thought of that lol. Worked fine here, thanks!

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BTW, for anyone just trying to access their game library you can manually launch the games from wherever they're installed since Itch doesn't use DRM.  In Windows the default is usually:  Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps . You'll probably have to turn on the option to see hidden system files to get to the folder though. On Linux they should be in your .config/itch/apps or something like that (or maybe local? don't currently have a Linux system up).

Right now it looks like we're just gonna be waiting on Itch to update the corrupt file, Itch won't use an older version of butler as a fallback for whatever reason.

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Butler is a normal part of Itch, it can be used by creators to add their games or update them and is available for OSX, Linux, and Windows. There doesn't seem to be an Android version of butler, so not sure what you mean.

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Same here. Noticed the new butler.7z is only 1kb and 7zip doesn't recognize it as an archive while trying to find a fix. Lsar is what Itch uses to extract 7z files, which is why it's also failing on the corrupt file and giving the error code.

Nevermind I see it now, lol. Good game!

Really enjoying this so far! Having trouble getting started with a profitable city, but figuring out the balance is usually part of the fun for these kinds of games.

Also wanted to make the suggestion of letting the player see an outline or some other indication of area that a building effects both when you're building a building and when you look at its information. It would help in the planning of cities a lot and it'd be much appreciated.

Either way thanks for putting this up on itch to try out, it's been a nice experience so far!

Knowing about tab does help a lot in the mean time, so thank you for mentioning it here, cause I missed that. 

I just found I seem to be able to reproduce the bug pretty reliably by: add part > begin dragging it to new location > right-click to remove while still dragging. Also just found it leaves behind muscles that were attached to some parts as well.

Undo would be saver on the wrist so thank you for bumping up the priority on that.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond it's appreciated!

Loving it so far! Very easy to pick up and understand as someone already familiar with logic puzzles or games that model circuits. Critters eating eachother seems to lead to ctd a lot and in some cases if you remove a body part associated neurons stay and are not removable (seems to happen most often if you edit the body while in the brain editor) but it's otherwise pretty stable for such an early version.

Would really like the option to fullscreen, but understand if that's low priority.

It was kind of surprising to read that it used to have a less moded editor setup, the mode switching was pretty much the only major complaint that came to mind immediately while playing. Maybe have it as an optional setting to use the double click to pick up connections as before, for us people with wrist pains, if not some other modeless solution? Would rather have a little more tutorial/learning curve than have no option to avoid extra wrist motions for constantly switching modes while making changes. It's also been easy to forget/lose track of what mode it is in if you exit the brain editor and then accidently dissconnect things when coming back, and it's much more work to reconnect a bunch of stuff than it is to remove an accidental connection (even more wrist movement). Having options is always good for accesibility.

Otherwise it's been a great experience so far and really interesting and exciting to see the kind of complex behaviour that can emerge from just a few types of pulses and connections and love that the way you build creatures allows so much freedom in how you use the parts.

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Absolutely loving it, have been playing it pretty obsessively since finding it and looking forward to seeing where this goes. Feels like there's already a lot of depth to ship design and optimization/customization despite it being in dev. Really looking forward to seeing how mod support works.

The fact that you can actually make a ship that functions as multiple ships if it breaks apart was nice to discover, but kinda leaves a feeling that there should be some sort of linkage structure or system for purposefully seperating sections of a ship and hooking them back up as desired.

EDIT: Saw you already planned on it in the forums, the hinges sound like an awesome idea as well! Looking forward to them!

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Extremely fun, couldn't put it down! The whole of this is so cohesive and solid, and the play feel is fast and addictive without being overwhelming. Great use of art, music/sfx, and motion to provide feedback/queues as well.

Noticed that it is a bit easy to just keep side dodge punching or uppercutting everything rapidly to avoid damage, so only a few enemy groups ever felt challenging or like specific tactics were needed. Didn't find much a reason to block because knocking enemies around/down to stun them was easier. Demo boss was also rather easy because of this.

Congrats on getting backed!