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Client text too small to see on TV.

A topic by Nanobang created Sep 21, 2016 Views: 523 Replies: 3
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I squint as I type this because the font is almost too small to see, though my screen it a 55" 1920x1080 flatscreen TV, and it's only ten feet away. Obviously the itch.client isn't built for a living room games player such as myself. I can see two possible solutions:

  • Build in a "zoom in/out" feature akin to [ctrl] +/- in Firefox. is wonderful to use in Firefox because of this ability.
  • Alternatively, how about allowing users to adjust font size via a percentage setting?

I don't think a Steam Big Picture Mode solution is even remotely necessary for itch, but it's almost painful to use away from the desktop.

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Making the itch app better for use on a TV screen / couch setting is something I want to do at some point. There's other priorities before it (mostly related to download performance / compatibility / reliability in general) but I actually think a big TV+controller-friendly mode would be interesting!

Thanks Amos for the quick reply. I've not used since my initial feedback, but a mention on Gaming on Linux has me checking in. I feel bad because I think your prompt reply deserved a prompt "thank you." Well, no time like the present: Thank you Amos! I've been away, but not given up on one iota! :)

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Hi Amos.

Another Gaming on Linux article has me back here checking things out. :) Reading your last reply worries me that you thought I was suggesting a Big-Picture-esque mode for Itch. While that would indeed be groovy, the purpose of my original OP was to plead for a means to simply increase the itch client's font size. I'm no coder, but I imagine it's just a number somewhere, could it and a couple other settings not be fairly easily added as a drop down menu in the preferences section? I know you're crazy busy working on reliability, so know that I appreciate your time. I'll just keep using the browser to access itch until you find the time to add this feature.

All the best,


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