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Although I agree, I am unsure of the relevancy of this given the topic at hand.

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Hm? If I'm not mistaken, were discussing a section for music and sfx right? I'm merely proposing we put a forum called "audio" into the art section to cover both music and sfx, I'm not suggesting we make an audio section for audio games specifically or anything, that was just an example of the varying uses and importance of sound in some games. You basically covered the same suggestion in the edit to your OP.

edit: I guess what I meant by mentioning Audio Games was more of my own reason for wanting an "Audio" forum, which is more to discuss Audio Engineering aspects like Image to Sound rendering, waveform modulation, and audio interface design rather than just music and sfx.

haha, no no I meant the "Sound can actually be a lot more important to certain kinds of games than people may realize."