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Music Section?

A topic by Ashedragon created Dec 02, 2015 Views: 696 Replies: 20
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I noticed there's an art section for 2D and 3D art and thought about a possible music section for SFX and Music. Thought I'd at least mention it.

Edit: Or maybe instead of an art forum, it could be a Creative forum. So instead of [2D, 3D] it would have [2D Art, 3D Art, Audio] or something of the sort.


Thumbs up for making room for composers, recording artists, audio producers and sound designers.

Also, not entirely sure about the divide between 2D and 3D (but what's done done I guess?) and wonder where 'animation' fits (as opposed to drawing/modelling)

Animation? 4D!

I think animation could have a dedicated section apart from 2D or 3D. The principles hold true through whatever medium and however many dimensions you use, right? So, animation could just be in "Art".

Or, it could have a dedicated thread in each section (2D animation and 3D animation), like the pixel art thread does in 2D. Like, there's not really any reason to have a Pixel Art sub-forum instead of the current single thread for it, even though there could be a ton to talk about in regards to pixel art in particular.


a music forum would be rad. being a composer myself it'd give me another place to put my jams! kinda surprised that i overlooked that before.


Should the different art forums even be split up? We don't want the different categories to be too fragmented, and it doesn't look like there's going to be as many art posts as devlogs and release announcements.

it's important to make sure the art segments aren't fragmented of course, because we don't want to end up with a bunch of inactive forums, but i think there's also value in dividing up only specific things, because some people might be looking for one specific thing and have to sift through a bunch of stuff that isn't that before they find it. it would suck if we ended up with a bustling art community, but stuff like music ending up unnoticed because there's an explosion of animated art, or something like that, you know? i think something like "visual art" and "music" being divided categories makes sense, but it's something worth thinking about.

I see what you mean. Maybe 2D art and 3D art should be combined?

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I think 2D and 3D art are distinct enough to be considered their own things. Animations should not have their own section as animation would be a subset of 2D or 3D art.

Pixels, Polygons, Waveforms. :)

Edit: To add to my point, I wouldn't want 2D to be split into, say, pixel art, illustrations, and vectors. One 2D forum for all types of 2D art is fine. Same for 3D, we don't need low poly, stylized, and photo-realistic sub sections.


Also wanted to note that 2D and 3D are too short: they need to be bigger click targets

Perhaps setting the div/td/whatever to be fully linkable instead of just the text?


I just turned them to "2D Art" and "3D Art", hopefully good enough.

I'm with you all on this, good music might not always save a bad game, *cough sonic 06 cough.*

But it really does help with whatever atmosphere and emotions you might be going to try to instill in the player, and make what is poignantly designed to strike a certain way hit the target.

Plus, I tend to remember games more for thier music, especially because it can encapsulate so much of the experience in just a few notes, let alone an entire theme song. (halo: combat evoled's vocals of a somber choir for the main theme come to mind.)

And who doesn't enjoy rocking out to rocking music when it's appropriate?! XD

So for all of that, I want to create a "Video Game Music Appreciation" thread. Simply bringing up what we enjoy so much about certain tunes might inspire a few hopeful artists here and there, it would certainly make a good start for actual discussion on the manner.

And since I have no idea how to contribute to the community forum's development other then being a nice community member, making a new topic that hopefully lots of people get into is all I can do.

But the big question is still figuring out where it should go.....?

I think it would just go in General Discussion, probably.


i would definitely say General Discussion!

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Sound can actually be a lot more important to certain kinds of games than people may realize, like audio only games for the visually impared[1]. I think a better way to refer to such a section may be as "Audio" rather than specific sub-term's like Music, Sound Effects, etc. and put in with the Art section with the 2D and 3D forum's, since it could be considered another form of game asset.

Although I agree, I am unsure of the relevancy of this given the topic at hand.

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Hm? If I'm not mistaken, were discussing a section for music and sfx right? I'm merely proposing we put a forum called "audio" into the art section to cover both music and sfx, I'm not suggesting we make an audio section for audio games specifically or anything, that was just an example of the varying uses and importance of sound in some games. You basically covered the same suggestion in the edit to your OP.

edit: I guess what I meant by mentioning Audio Games was more of my own reason for wanting an "Audio" forum, which is more to discuss Audio Engineering aspects like Image to Sound rendering, waveform modulation, and audio interface design rather than just music and sfx.

haha, no no I meant the "Sound can actually be a lot more important to certain kinds of games than people may realize."

Music is an art form as well, so the name can stay "Art"; it doesn't have to change to "Creative", though it's fine if it does as well.

Anyway, +1 from me for an Audio section. I guess SoundCloud links will be able to be embedded correctly with the HTML option, which is nice to have working by default.


In case you missed it, there is a Music & Audio section now.