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I'm with you all on this, good music might not always save a bad game, *cough sonic 06 cough.*

But it really does help with whatever atmosphere and emotions you might be going to try to instill in the player, and make what is poignantly designed to strike a certain way hit the target.

Plus, I tend to remember games more for thier music, especially because it can encapsulate so much of the experience in just a few notes, let alone an entire theme song. (halo: combat evoled's vocals of a somber choir for the main theme come to mind.)

And who doesn't enjoy rocking out to rocking music when it's appropriate?! XD

So for all of that, I want to create a "Video Game Music Appreciation" thread. Simply bringing up what we enjoy so much about certain tunes might inspire a few hopeful artists here and there, it would certainly make a good start for actual discussion on the manner.

And since I have no idea how to contribute to the community forum's development other then being a nice community member, making a new topic that hopefully lots of people get into is all I can do.

But the big question is still figuring out where it should go.....?

I think it would just go in General Discussion, probably.


i would definitely say General Discussion!