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Leandro Estrella

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Show your 3D Scans made for games here!

These are some 3d scans we made for our game TRAMP, they where made using an MS Kinect 360 and a Cubify Sense, you can download and use them for free:

Ueila! These are some sounds we made for our first game, you can also download and use them


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TRAMP is a sort of first person wander/walking simulator/art game.
TRAMP is an unknown space, apparently empty, in which objects and sardines can be discovered;
TRAMP is an audiovisual experience that reflects the creative process and experimentation carried out during the study of the software along with its aesthetic potential;
TRAMP benefits from errors that corrupt the system, adding false glitches, to bring the player’s ride to the limit.
TRAMP is a First person wander/walking simulator
TRAMP is an Art game
TRAMP is a Puzzle
TRAMP does not have a clear objective, it only tries to stimulate the curiosity of the player...
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