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Purple Goldfish

A member registered Jun 08, 2016 · View creator page →

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Looks cool.

Yes, I use dicord. I am purplegoldfish #0953 if you want to use that. Otherwise I could set up a skype account np. Would like to learn more about your project. Also, I am going to be out of town until Friday, but can chat a little until I get back.


Hi, my name is Pat. I am looking for a project to work on. I am a versatile composer who can write in many styles and formats, while maintaining what I can uniquely bring to the table. I have been working on my own video game inspired music for awhile and have recently participated in the Game Boy game jam and had a great time! I would love to get involved in another project and keep working on rad games!

Here is a link to the game:


I have also posted the soundtrack to my soundcloud page. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.


Oh, ya. #0953

Yeah, lets use discord. I am purplegoldfish (all one word) on there so hit me up when you get a chance.

I'm not too picky as to what kind of game its, but I do like metroidvania style games. If you think you can get more done in 2d then we can certainly go that rout as well. Also, your 3d in the katamari style game you made seemed pretty badass to me.

Yeah, lets work together. Thanks for checking out my music. I looked at your games, and you seem to be a talented fellow. The picture on your link reminds me of faceball for the gameboy. Not sure if that is what the game is, but we could work on that one if you want. I would be interested in getting any more info you may have on this game, and any ideas of what you may want the music and/or SFX to be like. (i.e. chiptune, authentic gameboy sounds, etc). I am looking forward to working with you.



Thanks for the kind words. Would love to see what you come up with when the jam is over.

Hey there,

I would love to make music and or SFX for a game. I have the Game Boy drum kit and SFX plugin for Kontakt, which would be cool for super authentic sounds, or I can use any of my other software instruments that range from real samples of real instruments to chip tune sounds. You can check out some samples of my work in the links below. Hit me up if you are interested in working together.


Pat aka Purple Goldfish

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Hi, I'm Pat. Not sure which one is my favorite, but each one has its own thing going on. I try to write music that could potentially be something to put into a game. Not sure if this stuff works, but given the right project, I could pump out some jams for sure.