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That’s great to hear. Enjoy it my friend. All the best.

Hi, thank you for your message. Any and all of my Music/SFX are available for any use you like: commercial or otherwise. Simply purchasing the pack is all you need to do, and you can use everything included as you wish.

Thanks have a great day,


No problem! Enjoy the pack my friend 😁

Hey !! Thank you for your comment ! I’m so glad you like the pack! All music and sfx within this pack, and all my other packs, are completely royalty free. Once you have purchased them you are free to use them however you please, where ever you please, as many times as you please! For just the one-time fee ! 

Hope this clears things up.

Have a great day,


Hi, thank you for your comment. All the music within this pack, and all of my packs, are none-exclusive licenses, and so when you purchase you can use it on whichever project you wish, as many times as you wish ! 😁

Ah awesome I will check it out ! Thanks again ! 

Ah amazing ! Thank you ! That is great to hear! What is the name of the game I would love to check it out 😁

I have spoken to him and he says it is fine, and it is also fine by me too. Can I email you the png file of the artwork so it is at highest quality? 

Hey ! Thank you for getting in touch! You are very welcome to use the music in your game, and I will message the artist and get him to reply here on whether or not you can use the artwork too 🙂

Strategy Kingdom 8-Bit Music & SFX Pack

Brand new Music & SFX Pack! Within this Music & SFX pack are 5 authentic, Loopable Tracks, 6 Event Stingers, and 58 Sound Effects. This pack is designed for Strategy, Tower Defence, video games. Or anything that you want to give a fun, 8-Bit soundtrack. Having a wide array of emotional moods, from battles, to medieval colonization, this Music & SFX pack has every sword hit, and horn blast to bring your game to life.

If you are still struggling, here is my email:

send me an email and we can sort something out 🙂

Hi there ! Ah that’s great to hear that you are wanting to buy my pack! Thank you ! Is there any way to pay using another card or something? If not you could send me your email and we can work out another way 🙂


Hm, well this would be my first co-op bundle so I'm not 100% sure, though having read the details on hosting a co-op bundle: 

It says: 'Due to the complexity of distributing purchases across multiple sellers, all purchases of co-op bundles go through’s payout system. Prices are done in USD and VAT will automatically be added if necessary.' and when you click on the link for's payout system it take me to the normal payout page that I use, and I use paypal. So maybe it would be fine. 

Thinking about it, I would guess the majority of users use paypal, so it would make sense for it to work that way. 

Is anybody here interested in doing this bundle for the Lunar New Year 2021 sale?  I have Music and SFX assets for inclusion. If not, would anybody be interested in joining together for a bundle with other creators?

I am not sure if you will be including assets within this bundle, but I would like to submit my JRPG 8-Bit/Chiptune Adventure Music Pack.

Thank you!| 


Thank you so much !!

Ah amazing ! Thank you!! 

All three JRPG 8-Bit Chiptune Music/SFX packs on sale.

Ah, amazing !! I will check it out now, thanks a lot !!

Yes you 100% absolutely can ! Credits would of course be a great bonus as well if you could include them. Also a link to the finished game as I would love to play! Merry Christmas! 

Within this music pack are 11 authentic, chiptune-style tracks, containing over 10 minutes of loopable material. This pack is designed for JRPG’s, Retro Adventure games, and anything with a fun, 8-bit, pixel art style. Having a wide array of emotional moods, from action & adventure, to fun & humorous, this music pack is the ideal choice in delivering that classic chiptune sound to any game, and is your's to license for the next 7 days at 50% off.

Original OST created for Touhou-style Bullet Hell shooter, Wicked Wiccans.