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La vidéo est faite ! Mais je réfléchis avant de la poster, parce que YouTube a la gâchette facile...
Ca aurait été un bon challenge de faire une petite soundtrack pour ce jeu ! Surtout que je n'ai pas beaucoup composé pour la C64 !

Très sympa ce petit jeu en text-based, ça me rappelle bien "T'as déjà regardé ta vulve dans un miroir" !
Je suis bien tenté de le présenter sur ma chaîne YouTube, si tu es okay avec ça et si ça se produit je t'en tiendrai informée. ;)

Franck / Hefka =(^_^)=

Since this is pixel art, if you need chiptune music, maybe i can help ;)

Thank you DimaLink! It takes me a lot of time and energy so I hope people will like it! ;)

It's done! Interesting concept and working prototype, I didn't find any bugs

I would suggest to make a scene to explain the scenario (not necessary a NPC, since we're talking about a game jam game), but otherwise this is nice and I love the protag!

I don't know if this is intended, but health is repleted at 100% between levels, which makes the game really easy!

PS: didn't noticed the goat...?
Anyways, it's a great prototype!

Short and challenging yey I liked it!

Hello! You're welcome! Glad it could save you some time
I'm just dropping by at this time, I just checked your page and your game looks neat ;)

Good luck with the rankings!

Fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience. ;)

Oopsie, my bad. I had to make stuff private. Thanks for mention, I'll fix it once I'll get on my feet ;)

Nyaaaaaa hello!

Soooo before I forget, here is the most important information of this topic - the link:

The goal is really simple : I will make everything from scratch live on Twitch, with the link to this game jam ;). I will stream everyday with a grand maximum length of 4 hours per day. It will serve as a regular devlog! Oh and please keep something in mind. I make video games since 2015 but I'm a grand beginner when it comes to streaming, so I already made all the mistakes of beginners and will surely do some of them again ;).

I will speak French and most of information will be done in French. However, the source code will be redacted in English. Since I also speak English, you are free to ask me anything in the chat in English. :)

Cheers and good luck everyone!

Hello everyone, I am a solodev who can do almost everything as long as it doesn't have something to do with marketing (lol).
This game jam is actually a nice idea! I have my idea but I'll start the project in November and work between 2 - 4 hours per day in the morning (French hour). Actuallt, I decided to join the jam to have a pretext to remake the game I made for my very first game jam. I was a beginner back in the day and even if this said jam lasted for one month, the final project ended with a lot of bad things (ridiculously hard, pathetic design, in my taste only the music aged well and that's only cuz I'm a sound designer). And since 3 years I am saying "I'll remaster it later I'll remaster it later". I joined the gam to get my pixels together.

Soooo I will have a lot of work to do, this is not a offer, but i wanted to be a social catboy and say nyan. Good luck everyone and drink water!

Merci beaucoup Shaki !

Alors perso c'est mon coup de coeur ce jeu ! Mais je suis pas objectif, j'ai toujours été fasciné par les cultures Nordiques. Bien joué l'équipe Mimosa !

Merci Solenne ! Ca fait plaisir !

Everyone will see a beautiful alusion to depression, tho I can also see a hidden meaning in this game, especially in the parts of the text talking about work. As an indie dev, we tend to work a lot without even knowing if this is worth it, without even a boss to tell us to do so. Is "go to work" a rule to follow? Who said you need a work to be happy in life? Guess it's time for me to slow down the pace.

Also, loved the plants growing in the car.

Thank youuuuu! The pace was slowed down these last monthes because I had to move, look for a new roof and all. Now that my personal situation is stable, I can work the way I want!

Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me!

Heyooooo! Glad to be a part of the project! i had fun making the soundtrack \o/

Oh, I remember that! Loved it a lot <3

Hi Mitacla! Forest soundtrack and maybe a desert one? Fine =)
I joined your Discord workspace, I guess we're not in the same timezone (I'm GMT+1) but it should go well =)

I'm adding you =) My nickname is Hefka

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EDIT 04/18 ==> Got teamed up,  so I'm not available for more projects x).


I'll be go right to the point: this jam really interests me, however, I don't think I will be able to handle everything alone! And I am mostly a musician, a sound designer, or call this what you want =). If I can help, it would be my 9th game jam.

So, about my background, I mostly use Ableton Suite 10 to make video game music, I released some audio packs here and there and I am even on Spotify (no links to avoid self-plugging =) ). I can make both calm music, punk music, stressful music, in a global manner I adapt to the situation. Oh, and of course, I have a full home studio at home.

In fact, I made a bullet hell (Last Neko) for a game jam back in 2019. I was proud back then, but looking at it nowadays, it was a beginner project to learn Unity and stuff.

French is my native language, I also speak English, I know a bit of Finnish and I know the Japanese kana.

This is maybe a bit late, but if you're looking for a sound designer, post it below and we will talk (I'll click the "join jam" button once teamed =) )

Thank you =D

Lol I absolutely love the face of the dino! "I will swallow your soul by the *** with a tuba and re-sell it on the black market" ='D

For anyone reading this (from a random musician who is studying Finnish language) : the original song is called "Metsään nykkynyt" which means "Slept away in a forest", but the MP3 file is called "Metsään hukkunut" which means drown in a forest. I love these little details =D

I second the previous comments, this is not evident :/ But I also second the positive side of previous comments: you have amazing art skills!

But it brings a nice concept!

I concur, this is really nice!

Wow, these are really nice graphics!

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At least there is no bugs

(edit: I'm not a part of this game jam, I was just dropping by ;) )

Thank you! <3
Ah, yey, the jam is finished! And you remind me I will have to check the submissions ;)

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Hi KBMusicandSFX and thanks for your appreciation! And don't worry, that's what I explain in the text below : the pack itself is 8bit, the video is a glimpse of future audio packs that won't be 8bit :)

All these years I spent playing StepMania are finally worth something, 5/5

I kinda abandoned SoundCloud because there were too many bots.
Here is my BandCamp !

Hi there. I know I'm extremely late at the party, but this is an awesome time-killer game, even for a game jam submission! Great work and great game concept!

Pretty good and not as simple as planned, but enough to have a good evening :)

Hello itch developers, streamers, gamers or whoever you are. :)

Who am I?

I lost the habit of scrolling forums like I used to do during the previous decade, I'm also extremely shy... However, I'm here to showcase my last project. This is, in fact, a side-project I made some monthes ago whilst developing my main project (still in development). As for me, I am a solodev and I'm 100% technical and 0% business, so I have to learn how to promote my work. I thought that using the forum would be a great first step forward. :)

As for me, I'm Franck, nice to meet you all! I am 32 years old and I come from France. I actually live close to Lyon. Oh, and don't worry, just like this topic, I made the game fully in English.

100 Patterns of Death

First things first, here is the link to the game :

100 Patterns of Death (opens in new tab)

I have to warn you : flashy colors. Oh, this is not Touhou or Rabi-Ribi, but if you're epileptic, you might experience some seizures, so I better put the warning.  100 Patterns of Death is strongly inspired by Super Hexagon. The goal of the game is really simple to explain : you have to avoid everything!

Anyways, the difficulty is voluntary extremely high. Actually, there are three difficulty levels. Three other difficulties levels in inverted mode.

Coming soon

Here are some ideas I have in my head for a v2.0

  • A seizure-free version of the game.
  • A new game mode (actually top secret).
  • Achievements screen (I already made the pictures).



I made the game with Unity Engine and the minimalist design with Aseprite.

I also made the music myself. These are some old stock tracks I made with Cubase. (And yep, the guitar in the title screen is real.)

The font used in game is this one. (opens in new tab)

The game is actually available on Windows and Linux. I can make a Mac version but I won't be able to test it. :(


Since I'm here, I will also look for some projects to upvote! I left a comment section to 100 patterns of death, along with all my other projects. It costs actually $1 since it's a mini game.


I loved the demo!
Also, sorry, I left Twitter behind me, but I don't forget all the contacts I made here!

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! These were only the first levels, the easiest ones, and the next zones will take place in different zones. Bosses are planned, so don't worry about that! Actually, there is no Discord, but if some people ask for it, I'll create it! And I take note about the health drops, I'll lower the drop rate. Anyway, thanks, I'll think about a Discord ;)

Hello, it's me again! I am making a rogue-like ~

Long story short : chiptunes, catgirls and weapons!

I just finished to code the core of the procgen, I can add some stuff and mechanics now!

Have a preview of the prototype ~