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Thanks. I'll definitely be doing a much longer game at some point.

Thanks for playing :) sorry it was so short but I only had two weeks to make it for the Jam.

Thanks! :)

Thanks for playing our game :) Glad you liked it!

I look forward to your upcoming game, and devlogs :)

Thanks for the feedback! I felt the lunge was a bit weak myself and couldn't tweak it well enough. It needed to be done in a different way I feel. Difficulty definitely needed ironing out indeed, some would find it too easy and others too hard depending on the discovery of the "cheese".

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

The game itself definitely feels like a beginner made it, there's some sort of idea here but it's not entirely being conveyed. Instead of just instantly restarting, the player should have some sort of death animation, even if just exploding. It doesn't scream PS1 to me. Movement is actually too fast. World needed to be more than just the same repeating thing over and over again infinitely. Shooting the ghosts isn't bad actually, can be somewhat satisfying, but needs more. I do like the attempt at an intro cutscene, and It is also cool you built it in python too, so it was from-scratch. Overall it needed more: a game-play loop that felt satisfying to fulfill. As it is, it is a bit bland. Good luck on your future games and don't give up, I think you can make something great.

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I really like the 2.5D platformer going on here. The graphics are kind of "refreshing" if that makes any sense? Gameplay loop is decent, with a few bugs here and there. Overall it's definitely one of my favorites in this jam.

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I also like the idea, but the movement is very slow and gameplay is not very intuitive. I do hope to see where this goes.

had hope for this one, but I am plagued by loads of "Quaternion must be normalized" errors, and 10 FPS. Otherwise I really like the music and sound effects, gameplay suffers from the 10 FPS.

Indeed, I wanted to do a save system but didn't have time... thanks for the feedback!

max texture resolution on the ps1 was 256x256, most textures were about 128x128. Lighting was possible on the ps1 in the form of vertex lighting / gouraud shading. character polycount depends on type of game. Metal Gear Solid had Snake at around 600 tris, I'm personally aiming for around 350-400 for mine.

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Guess I'll put mine too. I'm bit of a newbie to ( and my game project is on-hold... ).

Been trying to create better music so I can compose for my games.


My current best tracks are all in the The Good Stuff playlist.

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This game started out pretty well, but eventually I lost interest due to it not really being what I wanted. I don't plan on completely abandoning it, but I definitely need to re-do the whole thing with new art and what not, and a more solid direction. This is my first game, and it's made in GameMaker. I just figured I needed to show SOMETHING, and get input. Motivating myself to just finish it or just re-do it is... hard.



Edit: Didn't leave anything here for controls, woops.

Uses WASD to move, press F to pick up items / get on ladders

Shift to run ( no animation ), which will let you jump farther.

Space to jump.

You can't attack.