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More to do, but i'm glad i got this done for Halloween!


Hi there,

Yes, still working away at the update. Still plenty to do and I want to spend as much time getting it right.

I went back to the original for a playthru and there's so much that has changed AND needs changing.  The town feels like it's own wee town now.  The people will have more character about them - I want A LOT more dialogue this time around. People won't be immediately afraid of Vlad now. I mean, vampires aren't real... right? Just some dude in a cape!

You don't have to eat anyone now.

You can run now as well, plus... fighting stance!

Cutscenes and more world building are going to be added as well. What's with the green crap in the sewers? Why is the butcher making late night deliveries? What's that crying sound coming from the caves? What happened to Barry? And more importantly, where the hell is Vlad's stuff???

The music and sounds are getting a c64 overhaul and the OST is going to be more in line with the type of game I'm making. That SID chip sounds gorgeous!

My only issue is time - I don't have enough of it! Having a full time job and a 1 year old (who is awesome) only allows me time to work at things at night or when I get time off, so it's gonna be a little longer. However a good friend of mine is giving me a hand with some of the coding, so that has helped ease things.

More to come, and thanks for the question!

So, its been a while! It's always been a while...

I manage to get a few hours most nights to get a few bits and pieces done, but it's coming along nicely (even know it's taking it's time!). So what's been done so far...

The main town over-world is in, bar some changes to add a bit of character. This has taken the most time to get the layout right - trying to combine two towns into one was a bit of a task to make it feel kind of natural (if that makes sense).
The sewers are mostly in, needs decorated.
Vlad's castle has been started (he's got his own vamp-pole to slide down!)

interiors are going to look a little different - some of the pictures shown are of inside Vlad's castle, the other from the sewers (that one doesn't look as good - sewers need decorated) that have a lot of black to them - not a major thing, just a nice wee touch and adds to the feel of being inside compared to all the walking about outside!

I also want to work on the music and give it a more 8-bit feel. My initial idea was to have one main song throughout, bar the ending, and never had time to sit and work at it. So, I bought a Mssiah cartridge for my c64, and a SID2SID board so i can get 6 channels out of that wee breadbox instead of 3! That should do my job nicely (just have to buy a mouse and midi stuff 'cause no ones fiddling around on a music sequencer with a Cheetah joystick!).

So, yes! Plenty more to do, still no idea when its coming out. There will me another update when I'm more comfortable with whats done. Been meaning to post an update for a few weeks really, but again there's everything else happening in my own life and the world in general. I'm glad I did hold off though, as I had a look at the main over-world theme song and thought... could do better...

Until next time, keep it cool out there!


Hi Guys,

I have just posted a page that details the prototypes and alpha versions of my game Dead of Night that was released last July.  The page has downloads for 2 Prototypes, 3 Alphas and a Beta / Demo version so that people can get a bit of an idea about how the game was made from start to finish.  There is also a Development Document to give you an idea of what I originally wanted in the game before I realized how hard game development was.  I hope you all like it!

and a link to the original game

I can't really say I specialize in any particular genre.  I've done a lot of dance tracks, a good few remixes, orchestral compositions, and now I am working on more chiptune stuff when I get the chance, but at the minute I'm just trying to concentrate on game development (

A small update has been released to fix some issues.

- (27/09/17 update) A bug that would crash the game after playing Eat-Em-Up Mode has been fixed.

- (27/09/17 update) A bug that would play the wrong music after you die in Story Mode has been fixed.



Hard Mode (Permadeath) is now implemented. The differences between this and normal mode are:

- YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE. If you quit or die you will have to start from the beginning. This will delete your save as well (are you sure you want to try it?)
- Hunters appear more frequently.
- Extra Police.
- Hard mode achievement added.

A few bugs have been fixed as well:

- Starting a new game after loading a save file would cause spawing issues and quitting out and restarting was the only solution. Fixed.
- A nasty crash if the player killed all the police. Fixed.

Big thanks to Soro for pointing out these bugs.

As usual, any problems leave a message!



Thanks for the review.  That gamebreaking ferryman bug has been sorted, along with a few other things!

This update aims to fix various issues with the save system. A lot of things were causing problems, including but not limited to :

- item spawning 
- cops spawning
- puzzles not saving when completed...

...and various other things. Unfortunatly old save files will cause issues and I recommend that you start a new game, although you could try and play with the old save but I have no idea how the game will cope when trying to read in the old information (thanks Soro for the feedback).

A few bugs were fixed as well :

- Byron black screen - when completing Byrons puzzle the screen would go black when colliding with him.

- The ferryman glitch - A funny one as it took me this long to see. When travelling from the castle the screen would not fade out, and you would travel infinitly from screen to screen. (thanks to Outtasite for pointing that one out!)

- Park Ranger - for some reason he would not come out when he was supposed to.

- Backalley gate - was not opening on the right nights.

- Night counter not updating when spending the night in the swamp or sewer - pretty self explanitory that one.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, and again any issues please leave a message.


As the title suggests, this is a necessary update for the game.  There are still a few more things that I am looking to add and they should come next week all being well.  These being the different game modes.

Until then here is the list of additions and fixes :


- SAVES:  Added.  You will have to spend a night in the coffin in order for the game to save.  You can quit and continue (like you would expect) and also start a new game which will delete your last save file.  This isn't permadeath so dying by sun will still retain your save file.  Any issues let me know

- CONTROLLER SUPPORT.  Added.  Tested with a wireless Xbox 360 controller.  May need a little tweaking but having your controller on at the start will override the keyboard controls.  It would be nice to see what other controllers people have and if they work.  Any issues let me know.

- TITLE SCREEN OVERHAULED.  Pretty self explanitory.


- The butcher had a few problems.  Sometimes the back gate wouldn't open on the right day and the butcher himself would leave his room if the player doesn't kill him and get stuck in the collision blocks.  He is removed on player death and his trigger is reset.

- A bug that never incremented the night counter when you sleep away from the castle.

- The Ferryman would allow you to cross the water if you slept away from home which was unintentional.

- A chain graphic was added in the Town Hall Belfry.

- A puzzle item in the forest had it's graphic recoloured and moved slightly to make it easier to see.

- Backgrounds are cleared to make sure that things like the Steam overlay aren't 'ghosted'.  Not gamebreaking but it can draw the eye and be offputting.

- A collision block beside the backalley entrance was moved to stop the player from getting stuck as easily.

Ran into a problem while playing Dead of Night? Seen something that doesn't seem right? Please post any issues you are having with Dead of Night here.

You were doing everything right, but again this is only a beta for people to get an idea of what the main game is like.  The police cannot be eaten in this version due to me and my awesome 733t programming skillz :)  And yea that squirrely thing that's supposed to be a rat (more awesome 733t drawing skillz) was a bad idea.  These issues - and a whole host of others - have been fixed in the final version.

Thanks for checking it out!

Yes, Windows will be the target platform. It has been tested on Windows XP, 7 and 10. I would like to release it for other operating systems (ie: Mac/Linux) but this will be looked at after the game is finished. Thanks for the question!

Hi Cryptic, thanks for the video! There was an area that you missed and a special NPC that needs to be killed in order to progress, but you were right that you needed something else for the cat.

The map is going through a redesign as the NPCs are a bit stupid in this build, a map will be added to show the player the main areas in the game, a few other helpful items will be added and I would like to implement a save system, but things will take time as this is a one man operation.

Thanks again for the video and the feedback!