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Dead of Night

Vlad awakens after years of sleep to find his possessions have been stolen... And now he wants them back! · By blowfelt

The Necessary Update 19/7/17 Sticky

A topic by blowfelt created Jul 19, 2017 Views: 82
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As the title suggests, this is a necessary update for the game.  There are still a few more things that I am looking to add and they should come next week all being well.  These being the different game modes.

Until then here is the list of additions and fixes :


- SAVES:  Added.  You will have to spend a night in the coffin in order for the game to save.  You can quit and continue (like you would expect) and also start a new game which will delete your last save file.  This isn't permadeath so dying by sun will still retain your save file.  Any issues let me know

- CONTROLLER SUPPORT.  Added.  Tested with a wireless Xbox 360 controller.  May need a little tweaking but having your controller on at the start will override the keyboard controls.  It would be nice to see what other controllers people have and if they work.  Any issues let me know.

- TITLE SCREEN OVERHAULED.  Pretty self explanitory.


- The butcher had a few problems.  Sometimes the back gate wouldn't open on the right day and the butcher himself would leave his room if the player doesn't kill him and get stuck in the collision blocks.  He is removed on player death and his trigger is reset.

- A bug that never incremented the night counter when you sleep away from the castle.

- The Ferryman would allow you to cross the water if you slept away from home which was unintentional.

- A chain graphic was added in the Town Hall Belfry.

- A puzzle item in the forest had it's graphic recoloured and moved slightly to make it easier to see.

- Backgrounds are cleared to make sure that things like the Steam overlay aren't 'ghosted'.  Not gamebreaking but it can draw the eye and be offputting.

- A collision block beside the backalley entrance was moved to stop the player from getting stuck as easily.