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Dead of Night

Vlad awakens after years of sleep to find his possessions have been stolen... And now he wants them back! · By blowfelt

Permadeath and bug fixes Sticky

A topic by blowfelt created Jul 26, 2017 Views: 113
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Hard Mode (Permadeath) is now implemented. The differences between this and normal mode are:

- YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE. If you quit or die you will have to start from the beginning. This will delete your save as well (are you sure you want to try it?)
- Hunters appear more frequently.
- Extra Police.
- Hard mode achievement added.

A few bugs have been fixed as well:

- Starting a new game after loading a save file would cause spawing issues and quitting out and restarting was the only solution. Fixed.
- A nasty crash if the player killed all the police. Fixed.

Big thanks to Soro for pointing out these bugs.

As usual, any problems leave a message!