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Mason Victoria

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Wow what a score! Thanks for playing :) 

Hi everyone! 

I am a multi-instrumentalist composer based in Toronto, Canada. I love working in all genres and styles and I look forward to joining this great community!

Very very cool - so much to adore in this! Great music and sprites. 

Thanks for noticing the town music! I tried to hide a few little EZA easter eggs in the score - some more obvious than others!


Thanks Rayluaza - yes, that was me! When I saw fortnite dancing Isabelle I knew I had to put it in the video somehow haha! 

Hey everyone! 

I just wanted to shout out everyone that put in the work to make these fantastic projects. It's amazing to see how many creative individuals and teams exist in this community! 

I personally had so much fun working with new people and being my first game jam, it felt amazing to feel the pressure of a tight deadline with the knowledge that we're all supporting each other no matter what the end product was. Thank you Kyle and the Allies for the opportunity and looking forward to playing all your games! 


Really hoping you get an opportunity! There is another person in the forum asking for 8-bit music help if you haven't been reached out to yet. L&R!

Your stuff sounds great!

Yes! Send me a message at masonachu#0920

Hi SWMedia! Thanks for reaching out! Send me a PM and I'd be glad to join in!

Hi all!

My name is Mason Victoria and I am a composer based in Toronto. I have posted some of my content on a few Community Showcase streams, but you can find my portfolio here:

I am currently studying Wwise and Unity, and I have a very strong production background using Pro Tools. Studio One, Ableton and Logic Pro. I also write in all genres from orchestra to ambient 8-bit to rock band, jazz trio and big band. I am more than happy to write music in the style of Nobuo Uematsu on layers of very poorly performed recorder.

Looking forward to working with you all!