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Congratulations to all submissions!

A topic by Mason Victoria created Jul 13, 2019 Views: 134 Replies: 5
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Hey everyone! 

I just wanted to shout out everyone that put in the work to make these fantastic projects. It's amazing to see how many creative individuals and teams exist in this community! 

I personally had so much fun working with new people and being my first game jam, it felt amazing to feel the pressure of a tight deadline with the knowledge that we're all supporting each other no matter what the end product was. Thank you Kyle and the Allies for the opportunity and looking forward to playing all your games! 


Ditto. Love & Respect to you Mason, to everyone who participated, and in particular to my team. This was a super fun project <3

Also, Mason, are you the guy who did the animal crossing song on the latest showcase? With the bizarre dancing Isabelle? If so, great work, dude, I loved it!

Thanks Rayluaza - yes, that was me! When I saw fortnite dancing Isabelle I knew I had to put it in the video somehow haha! 

I should have known you would end up participating in the jam, that song was great but isabelle doing the fortnite dance was 110% vile.


It was a great experience working with you!!!!