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this game is amazing!!! immaculate vibes. great main character. outstanding work!

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Hi everyone.

Bloodborne kart will become a separate, standalone bonus mini release at a later date. I did clarify this in a later tweet, but I understand if that was missed.

I hope that clears up any confusion!

Save files will automatically transfer over, so don't worry!

Loved it, great demo! Very solid and straight forward mechanics. Liked all the hidden areas, but I did jump down a few holes thinking they were hidden areas when they were actually just death pits.

Enemy design was fun, I loved the slide, and didn't feel a need for a free aim as the game was designed around only being able to shoot left / right, at least in this demo! Also liked how the flamethrower was used for small puzzle solving when it came to finding the right angle to burn the wood blocks.

Can't wait to see more!

This game is so hard!
Really liked the spells though, I love how you can combine the oil and fire!

Finally able to play it. I really like the draw path system. Interesting concept for a turn based game! I hope you make a full game loop after the jam is up!

That boss is hard!

Really fun game however! The artstyle is super endearing and there were more features than I expected! You can totally expand on this game if you wanted to!

Mechanically the final boss obviously. It was a good way to cap off the monster fighting via item memorization and intuiting what to use based off of context

But visually benzilla, 100%

Yeah, I would love if we got new prompts every year of course :)

They wouldn't need to be made on the podcast, but I will admit that is what made it so fun because people go into your games knowing what ingredients t expect!

I'm having a blast with this game jam! Interacting with this amazing community to create something special is everything right with EZA and I want to do it again and it's not even over yet!

Glad you liked it all! c:

I was shocked that literally every single town had a hot springs scene in it. I never expected any of the submissions to have multiple towns, each one of them having a mandatory hot springs scene, and it /totally working with the story/ 

Excellent work!!

It was a great experience working with you!!!!

if you were told that it was ok to edit than sorry for causing any problems!! 🙏🙏🙏

I'm sorry but I have to agree with Rayluaza,  updating a game past the deadline is a bad look.

Pretty fun! I felt like the player speed was a little slow, and the lack of an up / down sprite was a bit strange but I got used to it as the game progressed

Very slow and methodical gameplay, I liked how reloading was another item that you needed to trigger instead of it happening automatically.

The boss was pretty awesome, I actually took them out with the last bullet!

I'm glad you liked Sleazer so much! Really good design by my friend corey, and I was happy to see that they came across so well in the final product!

I'm glad you like it so much!

This is actually a small prototype of an idea I had for a game, and I feel like game jams are really good ways to 'field test' ideas for bigger games

Hahah! I actually coded Sleazer to not trip you during fights, but the boss fight is a unique encounter and the 'during fight' check doesn't apply, so Sleazer trips you during the fight, and I kept it in because there's a save right outside and the boss is slow enough that you actually have a small chance of getting away from it.

I'm glad you like it so much!

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I think this is the only VR submission! I'm stoked to try it out later tonight! (Got a rift 🙂 )

Aw thanks so much!

Super fun!

Love the Sleazer implementation, Seeing him slowly run up to you for a trip and you not being able to do anything about it is perfect

Also the RPG mechanics were good (the lack of leveling was a bit strange at first but once I started forming strategies I got used to it)

And of course that ending was great. I just wish there was music and sound!

I win!
Gosh that game was SUPER hard, probably spent an hour beating it!

I love the ghost swapping, really neat how you can only use one for a few attacks before being forced to switch back.

That being said, if I did want to stick to one (usually the ranged one), I would just stand in a corner and mash the attack button on the melee one so I can switch back. Not a big deal and it could even be seen as a mechanic, but perhaps maybe only have the bar deplete if damage is dealt?

Regardless, really fun game and a looot of content for a game jam! There was like 5 zones and 3 bosses, not to mention like 4 different enemies!

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I played it and I really like it! The code base feel really tight and strong and there's a very big sense of polish on everything. The sprites are simple yet perfect for the type of game you are making.

It's a shame you couldn't get more done, but I have mad respect for someone who build a entire project from scratch.

If you plan on continuing this project I'll sub to the game and keep an eye out for updates! I would love to see this game completed!

This game looks really cute! I'll check it out as soon as I can!

I was wondering why the submitted count dropped. 

I did play those games and realized they had nothing to do with the jam tho.
Glad that got cleared up

Awesome! I'm glad you built it fresh for this project, it's always better to do it again to learn better fundamentals (And IMO fits in the spirit of a game jam better too!)

Had a blast playing this! Was laughing during the entire hot springs scene, and the Persona 5 style RPG combat was really well engineered! Props to whoever made that, it was super tight and bug free.

That duck jumping minigame was super hard but I enjoy a challenge!

Glad you liked it! We spent a lot of time picking ingredients and making sure they fit naturally, as well as designing mechanics to fit around them!

good luck!

This is going to be awesome!

I might be able to put jumping into the game after all
Thanks dude!

That's a shame! I hope we get an extension so you can finish it!

Not gonna lie, starting a game jam in the middle of E3 might not have been a good idea :0

Think you can make it?

Just a friendly tip; Make a playable build RIGHT NOW and upload it to your itchio account, just so you won't be stuck trying to make builds hours before the deadline and you miss it. Trust me I've been there. Even if it isn't finished, having an unfinished game submitted is better than no game at all! You can tag the game as an early unfinished build and can update it later.

Good luck on the final stretch everyone! :)