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Man, that's even cooler! Benzilla is a rare encounter overall, but I think he's much more rare in that last dungeon, because every single enemy in the game can spawn there.

Ooooh, "at just the right time", what do you mean?

Nice of you to give Sleezer a nemesis mechanic every once in a while.

 Really fun game, though!

This may be my favourite from the whole jam. The visual style is fantastic, the gameplay is super fun, the sound bits from the Allies are hilarious, love the dungeons. Just fantastic job!

I'm so grateful that people are actually finding Benzilla. That big boy is rare.

YEAAAH! I'm so happy you got him, he's actually a rare encounter!

Hey mapleglaze. I need to know this from everyone who plays. Favourite monster?

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Hey, Bosman. My go-to question: favourite monster? 

I must ask this of everyone: favourite monster? 

Favourite monster? 👀

I should have known you would end up participating in the jam, that song was great but isabelle doing the fortnite dance was 110% vile.

Ditto. Love & Respect to you Mason, to everyone who participated, and in particular to my team. This was a super fun project <3

Also, Mason, are you the guy who did the animal crossing song on the latest showcase? With the bizarre dancing Isabelle? If so, great work, dude, I loved it!

Oh please, do not feel sorry at all! I wanted to bring it up, just because it felt a bit weird in relation to the competition, but I still completely understand where you're coming from and, most importantly, you were told it was okay.

I'm sorry for bringing it up and again, your game looks sick! I'll try it out later today after getting something to eat.

I get you, but making an enjoyable game was everyone's goal, except we all still had to compromise according to the deadline. But if you were told it was okay then i apologize for bringing it up.

And no, I won't abstain from praising your game. I'll enjoy it and give it an honest rating, completely divorced from the fact that it was updated. L&R

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Sorry to bring this up, Max, but it seems a bit shady to update your game post-deadline with new content. I get fixing glitches or AI for sure, but adding content like new playable characters, a worldmap, cutscenes and a whole new boss doesn't seem fair (in relation to the competition, I mean). We all probably had a lot more stuff we wanted to add or change but still respected the deadline.

Sorry if this is a bit grouchy on my part. I'm still excited to try your game. From the screenshots alone, it looks fantastic!

(edit: if it was updated before the deadline finished and I just missed it then disregard everything I just said, my bad)

I'm glad you kept it in! It was one of my favourite gameplay moments and I think really helped solidify how vile Sleazer really was as a character.

The presentation is fantastic! Both visuals and music are so charming and jolly. It's a shame you could only do so little, but great job nonetheless!

AMAZING presentation! Please make a retro Bloodborne whenever you have the time!

I really liked how you implemented the ingredients and the Glinny lore, but I gotta be honest, the last "dungeon" was just too hard for me.

A very endearing game. Love the open area and the you just nailed the Allies. The very first easter egg is both the best and worst thing in the world.

Amazing. The production values are a 10/10, the music, the cutscenes, the voice acting,  all so good. The implementation of the ingredients was also fantastic and Sleezer, that f*cker, actually triped me during the final boss and got me killed.