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Amazing. The production values are a 10/10, the music, the cutscenes, the voice acting,  all so good. The implementation of the ingredients was also fantastic and Sleezer, that f*cker, actually triped me during the final boss and got me killed. 


Hahah! I actually coded Sleazer to not trip you during fights, but the boss fight is a unique encounter and the 'during fight' check doesn't apply, so Sleazer trips you during the fight, and I kept it in because there's a save right outside and the boss is slow enough that you actually have a small chance of getting away from it.

I'm glad you like it so much!


I'm glad you kept it in! It was one of my favourite gameplay moments and I think really helped solidify how vile Sleazer really was as a character.


Haha he got me killed during that fight too!