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Sorry to bring this up, Max, but it seems a bit shady to update your game post-deadline with new content. I get fixing glitches or AI for sure, but adding content like new playable characters, a worldmap, cutscenes and a whole new boss doesn't seem fair (in relation to the competition, I mean). We all probably had a lot more stuff we wanted to add or change but still respected the deadline.

Sorry if this is a bit grouchy on my part. I'm still excited to try your game. From the screenshots alone, it looks fantastic!

(edit: if it was updated before the deadline finished and I just missed it then disregard everything I just said, my bad)

I'm sorry but I have to agree with Rayluaza,  updating a game past the deadline is a bad look.

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Hey Rayluaza, sorry you feel that way.

I didn't intend to piss off anyone by doing this. My game was barely a game, because I had pretty much only cutscenes and every thing I had worked on the past few days had to be cut at the last minute because it wasn't functional (the map, the two other characters, the boss, etc), which is why I took an extra day to fix those and put them back in the game.

Really, I just wanted you guys to have a good time with my game, which was much less likely with the first version.

I didn't really think in term of the competition.
It seemed like a friendly gamejam where those kind of things wouldn't matter since we are all trying to make funny/enjoyable games for the others to play.

Hope you'll still consider playing my game.


Oh please, do not feel sorry at all! I wanted to bring it up, just because it felt a bit weird in relation to the competition, but I still completely understand where you're coming from and, most importantly, you were told it was okay.

I'm sorry for bringing it up and again, your game looks sick! I'll try it out later today after getting something to eat.