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Could you please be more specific on your system details?

I guess you're refering to macOS version. It wasn't widely tested, so we could use some info on that for improvements.

Thanks for being with us!

Nice and funny mash-up, thanks for sharing!

Nice one!

Hail to another Haxe dev! ;)

It depends on how you define "best".

My favorite is HaxePunk. Of course, if you're comfortable with Haxe language.

+1 for Payoneer option. We're using it for getting money from graphic stocks and for freelance jobs without noticeable problems. Don't know if it is convenient from both sides though.

Looks OK from here.

Made it to the end.

Idea looks close to one I once had: phase-shifting of world and player (and weapons/enemies etc.) based on colors, but simplier (I thought of full RGB swatches), which makes fun and catchy gameplay, really. Turning off music channel on character separation is another nice feature. Good work!

We didn't thought of it yet. But I don't see much problem here. Only thing: we can make demo / restricted version only after beta release, not ealier. Plans for beta are: end of april / may 2018.

Jams here are somewhat gamedev-centric. I mean, each submission is a "game" or at least "project". It can be a problem as for me. Consider these:

  1. There is a soft limit of 20 projects per user. Making a lot of small submissions can quickly leave user out of "free space" for new projects.
  2. Creating project for single artwork looks like overkill to me. In addition such projects will clutter dashboard.

I thought of making frequent (weekly?) jams for artists but I'm afraid of low submission count due to such limitations.

Hey, @leafo, what do you think about non-game jams? Is it OK for in general? And could we have some simplified submission process for artworks like "upload single image, write some basic info in fields"?

Hey, community people, what do you think about art jams here? Would you like to participate?

Topic for this jam is radio telescope or just enormous satellite dish. Like this:



I bet you know in which game(s) you can find it. ;)

Yup, there is a lot of jams about making games. This one about playing.

Come on, game world paparazzi, it's Scenic screenshot jam #1 !

Rules are simple: I give you the topic, you go to any game(s) where as you think you can find it, make a beautiful screenshot(s) and bring it back to us. You have a week to reach some distant places in your favorite games if you need.

Starting this friday.



Hey, thanks for your purchase and for your kind words!

I'm coding on Haxe since, maybe, 2008. So I'm not newcomer in technology. Moreover, our team (which exists since 2008) moved to Haxe / OpenFL from Flash / ActionScript. Yes, it's lots of experience in the past. Thus we finally decided to put it in something big.

Our final goal with Odanako! is a tool which will allow to create and then edit lots of pixel art in shortest terms. Moreover - huge animated and isometric scenes for games. This editor started as some internal tool in 2013. We've shown some WIP GIFs and seen surprisingly big interest from artists last autumn. So we decided to make it public and develop for everyone who wants to use it.

We have professional artist, Nata, in the team. She's having 15+ years of overall experience, including drawing, painting, vector graphics design, font work and calligraphy. You can be sure: we will implement best out of these in our editor. It will be tool by artist for artists in first place.

And as long as our main goal is pixel art, we know that people may want to use editor for something we don't even thought about. So I will provide good language-agnostic API for plugins. Yup, plugins for Odanako! can be made in (almost) any programming language and will have access to almost every aspect of editor. I will tell on this more when will present API to public.

Don't hesitate to contact me on Haxe topics - I'm always glad to share my knowledge.



Oh, man, that's great! Thank you!

I'm glad we've started our journey with editor here, on Itch. Really love this place.

Hi there!

We're just launched an early access to our vector-based pixel art editor Odanako!

Windows build is only available at the moment.

It's not production ready yet, but you can buy it right now at special low price (will increase while features grows) and you will get all subsequent updates for free.

In addition first buyer (first 10 and first 100 as well) will get into our future "Hall of Fame" with name / nick, photo / avatar and any short quote.

Let us know what you think of it, we need your feedback!


Arthur @ Six Socks Software

I'm a coder, not a musician really. But I'm keeping tiniest web-radio on the net (based on my D-Link router) and playing blues-funk jams with guys each thursday. We're casting our jams live from mixer usually. And putting later "best of" to our soundcloud:

From classical blues (ft. Cornelius Nolen):

to psychedelic instrumental rock:

All tracks available for download.

OK, that conference was really cool!

Lots of great things and meetings. Lots of interest to our editor. Lots of fun!

Achieved success pushes us to start early access ASAP. Say, on the next weekend.

Hi there, all gamedev people!

Our small team will visit DevGAMM 2018 conference which takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine at february, 1-2. We're going to showcase our vector-based pixel art editor there.

I'm wondering if somebody from the community will visit this conference too? Will be glad to meet you there!

Arthur @ Six Socks Software

Thanks! Will try to release usable alpha ASAP then. Retaining quality, of course.

Game page:


  • web (html5, can be buggy / slow)
  • Windows 32bit (works on Windows XP and higher)
  • Linux i386
  • Android (Tegra 2 compatible)

This is modern build of our game-like experiment on knitted graphics. Original Deer Sprint was released on 2014's Christmas holidays.

Don't expect much of gameplay. Treat this more like an "interactive Christmas postcard". Though, getting high scores can be challenging and fun somehow.

Game is made on Haxe / HaxePunk engine.

After knitted graphics concept proven to be cool for us, we made our custom pseudo-pixel renderer (internal name: "Knit Engine") and going to make full-scale quest / RPG in such style.

Will be glad to hear what you think on this!

Oh, almost forgot about screenshots! :)


I've published Odanako! more than 24h ago. And it's still not either in search nor in "recently added". We have no downloadables at the moment, is it an issue which prevents us to be listed?