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Best simple 2D engine (Preferably free)

A topic by Apricot created Mar 21, 2018 Views: 327 Replies: 8
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I’ve been using unity and I haven’t found a liking to it’s 2D engine. I’m looking for a new engine that is free, 2d and has better pixel art capabilities.

It depends on how you define "best".

My favorite is HaxePunk. Of course, if you're comfortable with Haxe language.


Godot is gaining steam.


I've been happy with GameMaker Studio, using the GML coding language built in to it (not the drag and drop).

I use Blender, pretty hard and same time it's not. The Building the Shape and logic edit-er it's easy. But the other hand using of Python (Example this: x = 10 if then x = 10: print "Hello". I hope will like blender.



Defold is pretty powerful, but it's not D&D.


I don't remember if I looked into this before of not, but glancing at it now, I'm liking it.

A bit of a necro but what is the problem with Unity 2d?