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Art dedicated (non-game) jams?

A topic by nibb13 created Feb 28, 2018 Views: 101 Replies: 1
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Jams here are somewhat gamedev-centric. I mean, each submission is a "game" or at least "project". It can be a problem as for me. Consider these:

  1. There is a soft limit of 20 projects per user. Making a lot of small submissions can quickly leave user out of "free space" for new projects.
  2. Creating project for single artwork looks like overkill to me. In addition such projects will clutter dashboard.

I thought of making frequent (weekly?) jams for artists but I'm afraid of low submission count due to such limitations.

Hey, @leafo, what do you think about non-game jams? Is it OK for in general? And could we have some simplified submission process for artworks like "upload single image, write some basic info in fields"?

Hey, community people, what do you think about art jams here? Would you like to participate?

Admin (1 edit)

I don't have any issues with jams being used for non game things. We need to overhaul our jams browsing pages a bit and I'm fine with having separate categories for different kinds of things.

Regarding the project limit, we don't enforce it right now at all. We put that number there so if we see someone using too many pages we can reach out to them to see how they're using their account.