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Deer Sprint - knitted 2D sidescroll runner

A topic by nibb13 created Jan 09, 2018 Views: 77
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Game page:


  • web (html5, can be buggy / slow)
  • Windows 32bit (works on Windows XP and higher)
  • Linux i386
  • Android (Tegra 2 compatible)

This is modern build of our game-like experiment on knitted graphics. Original Deer Sprint was released on 2014's Christmas holidays.

Don't expect much of gameplay. Treat this more like an "interactive Christmas postcard". Though, getting high scores can be challenging and fun somehow.

Game is made on Haxe / HaxePunk engine.

After knitted graphics concept proven to be cool for us, we made our custom pseudo-pixel renderer (internal name: "Knit Engine") and going to make full-scale quest / RPG in such style.

Will be glad to hear what you think on this!

Oh, almost forgot about screenshots! :)