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Ian De Quadros

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I've been trying to get in to music and sound design for games for a while and love the idea of doing something different with FPS games - personal faves include Jazz Punk, The Beginners Guide and Firewatch.

Here's my latest album and here's sampler of some other bits and pieces.

Any questions feel free to get in touch here on on twitter or instagram @tigermendoza.

Hey eveyone, 

Just throwing my hat in to the ring for anyone after music or sound design for their game. Here's a sampler



This sounds like a good little game jam. If anyone wants some audio for their project let me know. Here's a sampler

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Hey, I'm another musician looking to do game music type stuff so if you need music / audio for your project get in touch

Twitter / Instagram: @tigermendoza


Hey if any teams are looking for some music / audio for their project I'd love to get involved. Message me on twitter or Instagram at @tigermendoza or email me at

I know there are TONS of musicians on here but if anyone is after music / audio for their project I'd love to get involved. Here's a sampler playlist from Soundcloud:

Hi Everyone,

Someone on reddit directed me to this community so thought that I would stop by and stay Hi. My music's a bit all over the place combining rock with Electro, synthpop and hip hop / trip hop and industrial. Have a listen below and let me know what you think:

Full disclosure: I've never soundtracked a game before but I would dearly love to!

Cheers, Ian