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Tag Definition:

  • Rules: Use when you have a question/concern about the rules.
  • Help with Design: Use when you need help with the design of your game.
  • Suggestion for designers: Use when you have a trick/comment that might help other designers.
  • Suggestion for host: Use when you have a trick/comment for the host that might make the jam better in some way.
  • [Other -: Use only when your inquire does not fit into any other tag. Other tag should include what post will be about along with a closing bracket.

Example: [Other - Need help with code]

Last post
Hey if any teams are looking for some music / audio for their project I'd love to get involved. Message me on twitter or...
started by Ian De Quadros Aug 05, 2017
No replies yet
I am a musician, and if someone needs help with music and sfx I would love to join a team.
started by SVR_Audio May 29, 2017
5 replies