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That's ok, I like what you have so far. Is your game going to be mac compatible?

YES! So looking forward to it. I know its going to be great! Also another game is posted from Retrowynn.

Awesome, just sent you an email.

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That sounds great, do you have an email address I can send the files to?

Thank you so much, I am so glad you like it. When do you need the battle mode theme by?

Also, do you need me to email you the audio file?

Here is one that started out kinda winter and then I think it changed a bit but let me know what you think.i can write more. How is the game coming along? Do you have a music deadline?

Oh that sounds awesome! I will get samples to you this coming week.

That is really cool, thank you for sharing!

Hey Jack,

Thank you so much for contacting me. Right now thats the only track I have, but I will be writing more within the next week or 2. Would definitely love to share them with you. Also if you think of a theme feel free to message me and I can write a piece with that theme in mind.

Super Audio Cart by Impact Soundworks.

Hey I would love to collaborate! Contact me at

Hey I would love to write some chip tunes for your game! Contact me at

That's right, its another composer post!

I would love to write music for your puzzle game! I am easy to work with and I work fast!

Also I love puzzle games!

Check out my music at

I have never done a Game Jam either, but I am very interested!

I am a composer looking to write music for peoples projects!

My very first video game system was the game boy, the beige brick model!

I would love to collaborate with people for this jam! Check out this chiptune that I wrote using all original SNES sounds!

I can also write your chiptune using only original game boy sounds!

Contact me at

Resourceful & Adaptable Music Composer looking to write custom music for your game!

I would love to also get together with people who are doing game jams as well!

Check out my music here:

Contact me here or at

Video Game, TV & Film Composer here!

Looking to join game jams and write custom music for your game!

Here is my soundcloud:

Here is recent chiptune I wrote:

Contact me here or at