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I had a great time playing this game on stream. My audience really enjoyed it too! Great atmosphere and great everything!

The game is really cool. I think maybe the voice acting needs work. Anyway, great aesthetics and cool game! 


I'm a music producer and artist going by GHØS†BØY. My main genres are witch house, dark ambient and dark EDM but I'm pretty all over the place.  It's basically all horror and occult influenced in some way.  I'm very inspired by Akira Yamaoka and Mick Gordon.  I've done a couple of commercial album releases and a few self releases over the years.

My work as an artist can be heard here: Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Linktree.

I personally believe my work are fitting for shooters, horror games, darker action games and artsy or experimental games.  Keywords for my work are  occult, horror, gritty, warm, moody, dark ambient, drone, macabre, cyber, retro, synthy, ethereal and religious.

Send me a PM with an inquiry and I will reply with an estimate. Prices range between $10-$50 per track or a package deal. If you're interested in using one of my already released tracks for anything, please let me know.

I'm a former hardcore gamer and my dream as a kid was to be a horror game designer, so I figured I could enter soundtrack compositions now that the apocalypse is happening. 

Hope to hear from you!

I've made witch house, industrial and dark ambient influenced dance music for a while now. Some commercial albums and some self released stuff.