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I reached a max speed of 21.28 m/s

omg thank u so much, as someone who is a big fan (and creator) of the older and highly detailed drawings this means so much to me!.

good game but jesus the soundtrack is depressing as hell I feel like i'm playing in some kind of post-apocalyptic hell

yes I do mean items and picking them up is a real hassle because I have turrets around the map and it just ends up tanking performance (btw buildings also lag me).

good game btw. just needs some optimization

we need a damn command to delete all the items on the ground. my game at times is like 5 fps

my favorite game by far

I wish it had like something more - still a great game

very enjoyable

try some audio mastering some editing softwares have it built in and even have a preset for voices

wow I was not expecting such a quick response. or any response for that matter.

Its good but there is not enough variation. what I mean by this is that in dress up games variety is key I have seen a few dress up games without variation and they all were bland and boring even if they had stunning visuals like these they lacked what is necessary for this genre.

so I made an acount but when I put my email in and password it just says login fail. permission denied try again can someone help me?

wow im suprised I thought this was just going to be some easy kinda lame game but its turning out to be interesting and challenging and fun I love it

god fucking dammit

I know this is off topic but can we complain about chrome os I cant play this game because of this stupid chromebook if I had a actually good computer I could play this but nope

look at the title dingus

im so fucking high on ocean man im about to od

is this the highest il get without drugs?

i am so sorruy bit im in a translusive higher dimension because ive been listening to ocean man like none stop

I swear to fucking god putting me in games without my permision fucking disgraceful

im so sorry to everyone but im just in to much of a silly mood b/c been listening to ocean man like nonestop

can I just say that I love the song ocean man


you can share games that are beautiful and/or impactful

I went for plant kingdom. I mean like yes it has water but it is not salt water and people do not classify it as such

I love it!

my dislikes and likes

1. the baseball mini game

it felt a little to delayed should have had it simply be an animation

2. the art style

AAAAHHHHH its so beautiful like is there more stuff like this

3. full screen doesn't work

when I go into full screen it only displays the top portion of the picture

4. sometimes its hard to scroll

sometimes I find it hard to scroll and I know I'm not the only one Sarainia, Juliefisher and probably more are experencing the same problem

5. the art style

dunno why but this art style leaves me to mush and ferment with love AAAAHH its so good

6. the inclusion of mini games

I like it. it really breaks up the gameplay and makes it interesting (though one of them being glitchy but its all well and good)

over all 9/10 game good aesthetic somewhat glitchy love the inclusion of little mini games

I love it its so easy to create something that looks so good. here's my first by the way

this gif is horrifying

I think that this has great potential. oh and can you make the city feel more alive like theres only one taxi that goes around and I can walk just as fast as it

good game. you should add little people that run away though feel like its a ghost town.

time: 11:34.61

score: 375173

I got stuck right after the tutorial. what am i supposed to do pls tell me

well this is fun to play with

I LOVE! the art work please make more

I like it very simplistic but good. My high score was 135